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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Goode Thing ~

…it is a blessing to have a husband who cares as much about my work
as I do about him and his ~

Peter is always thinking, figuring…
always consumed with how things work and how to make things work better.

He watches me when I work:
rug hooking, punching or stitching
and he sees things that I don't…

He saw that I was always struggling to find a surface
for my Bliss model A tabletop wool cutter ~
it needed to be on a flat surface for those little suction-cup rubber feet to 'stick'.
but the only surface that would work was in my kitchen on the countertop
and I don't enjoy cutting wool in my kitchen…

I had been holding the cutter on my lap ~
wrestling with it while I tried to hold the wool with one hand, turn the crank with the other hand
and hold the whole thing down with the other hand…
that's too many hands….
{but that's how it feels sometimes!}

So he took my cutter down to his workshop.

then he came back with this:

Wool Cutter Board

my ingenious Yankee husband
mounted my Bliss model A cutter to a beautiful board 
...that he made for me from our own Poplar trees ~

beautifully smooth Poplar ~ I love the grain.

Peter also embedded a wooden ruler into the surface for me
to measure out 1-inch increments to snip and tear
then cut with my cutter…

I use a #8 cutter head on my machine, 
so by using the ruler to snip the wool at one inch increments,
this allows me to rip the 1 inch pieces of wool, 
then simply use the cutter to cut them into 4 perfect 1/4" strips to hook with!!

...what a MAN!

cutting the wool edge into 1 inch pieces to tear...

you can see the woodgrain in the photo below ~
the ruler is made from pine,
{not by us}

He made the board 12" wide to accommodate a full ruler,
and it's 11" long by 1 inch thick…
even though it is thick, the Poplar wood is a lightweight wood
so it's not heavy in my lap!

another view...

and another ~
can you tell I'm excited??

beautifully finished by my Master Woodworker hubby ~
and here I am putting it to work:

love how easy it is now for me to cut my wool on my lap
or ANY surface now for that matter :)

there is an access opening underneath the cutter I can still adjust the tension of the machine 
if needed ~

easy peasy ~
and yes, those are hardworking hands you see there ;)

If you have a Bliss model A cutter,
and are interested in Peter making you a cutter board for yours,
email us at 

THANK YOU Sweetheart!

Here is a rug I'm working on in my 'spare' time…

it's a big one

it's a scrap basket rug, no color planning really ~ 
just pulling worms.

horse & florals

adding some wool appliqué here and there too ~

busy busy

I cannot believe that the From our Hands Show 
is only ELEVEN days away!!!!!!!

Hoping you are enjoying a wonderful Tuesday so far ~

* Blessed be * 


  1. What a fantastic idea Lori!!! You certainly have an ingenious husband. That is the kind of cutter I have. How much is the board? Tina

  2. While I have no clue what the gadget is (ignorant non-hooker here) I love that Peter created this for you! What a fabulous husband!! 😊😊

  3. I think it is wonderful that you husband saw what you needed and made it for you! You are both so talented. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us.

  4. Peter is definitely a keeper.

  5. very nice....your hubby and the your rug too....

  6. You are really very lucky to have close a person who admires your work thinking about you and loves you so much to create useful things that you can make your days easier, this is true love a soul mate to share the life with....

  7. What a joy it was to read this Blog :) While we can't hide from bad in the world ,its the uplifting and little things that make me happy and better able to cope with the bad. I have a bliss and have contacted you several ways while I'm at work (naughty)
    Need info and price ... This is a must have :)

  8. You definitely have a "keeper" in Peter. You too are more than perfect for each other. Blessings, Sandra

  9. He is a sweetie, with lots of talent too!

  10. What a great guy. Always love reading your blog. Have a lovely evening !

  11. What a sweetie to come up with something so useful and helpful!

  12. It is nice to have a helpful and thoughtful husband! I have one of those too!


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