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Friday, October 10, 2014

Turkey Soup?

I feel as though 
is a 'forgotten' holiday ~

kind of stuck-between Hallowe'en, 
{{which is gaining in popularity so much it seems that it rivals Christmas!}
and Yuletide…

I remember, as a child
being excited for Thanksgiving…

in grammar school 
we would create hand-print turkeys and construction-paper headdresses…
we would learn about the First Thanksgiving and about the Pilgrims & Indians
(not politically correct today)

we learned about the foods the early settlers ate,
and how the native americans showed them how to plant & harvest.

In my teen years and I can recall helping my Mom in the kitchen ~
the house was warmed by the big bird roasting in the oven ~ 
...filling every nook & cranny with it's wonderful aroma.

Fast forward to our newlywed years where I would decorate out tiny apartment with
gourds, fresh fallen leaves and turkey-shaped wax candles from the dollar store.

I still love to decorate for Thanksgiving ~
that's why I wanted to design a few patterns 
for those who are kindred with me in my love for the holiday.

I will have three designs in total ~
one for punch needle
one for cross stitch
and one for rug hooking 

this one is on my frame at the moment, a punch needle design called
"Turkey and Tallowberries"

this is s snap of the back, or working surface...

all DMC flosses, using all 6 strands of floss ~ 
my Cameo Ultra Punch needle {with medium tip}
is set on the lowest (#1) setting

I'll have this finished today :)
 Here is a peek at the cross stitch design,
"Giving Thanks"

a blue-headed bird with tiny oak leaves fluttering about him…
he has a 'friend' here with him too, but you'll have to wait to see who it is :)
 This was stitched onto my 32ct Old Farmhouse Linen
using all DMC threads ~ stitched with one strand of floss over 2 threads of linen.

I will turn this into it's 'finished' stage today ~ a small sawdust pillow.
 and of course, you already saw
'Old Tom'
the hooked rug I did a week or so ago…

hooked on linen using all wool strips that were hand-cut (not cutter)
….love the colors!

 He looks like one of our friendly guys' that visit us here on the farm ~


So, there you have them ~
my representation of the beloved turkey…
in my most favorite mediums…
the patterns for these designs will be released this Sunday in my ETSY shop

Thanksgiving is only 48 days away ~

...pass the cranberry sauce please!!!!

* Blessed be * 


  1. It does seem that way, Thanksgiving being overlooked. This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving and I'm happy to see my boys are excited about the day.
    I look forward to your cross stitch design, the sneak peek is intriguing.
    Pumpkin pie? Yes, Please!

  2. Thank you for making these patterns to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday -- so many wonderful memories of time shared with family in the past -- and looking forward to sharing it for years to come with my children and grandchildren -- giving thanks for all of our wonderful blessings! I think I may have to purchase your Old Tom pattern soon -- I love it so!

  3. I too love Thanksgiving! I am not a Halloween fan. I prefer to decorate for fall, my favorite season of the year and Thanksgiving. A day to commemorate and count my many blessings.

  4. Actually, Thanksgiving is a big family holiday with us. It's easy to carry over the natural decorations from Halloween...minus the skeletons and witches. Yule is a quiet day. Thanksgiving has all the fall colors I love. Love your turkeys, Lori!

  5. Gorgeous, just fabulous love The season to be thankful for all we have....many blessings....

  6. Can't wait to see, I love Thanksgiving, my favorite. Getting my Grandma's recipes out, chopping the vegetables for her stuffing and the aroma of pumpkin pies, and bringing our family together for that grand meal. Just the best!

    Looking forward to tonight's unveiling!

  7. Thank you Lori!! Yes I love Thanksgiving also!! Such a wonderful time for warmth and aromas and gathering together! Can't wait to order.

  8. How wonderful Lori, cant wait to see the finishes. Many wonderful memories of Thanksgiving from my childhood, I can almost smell the aromas..have a fun day!

  9. I LOVE your punchneedle patterns....kisses

  10. Looking forward to seeing the total reveal of your Thanksgiving cross stitch design! Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  11. Love Thanksgiving... and looking forward to seeing the cross-stitch pattern all done up... the sneak peaks of all the patterns look wonderful, but I only know how to cross-stitch!
    Thanksgiving does seem to get lost in the hubbub...wish it was more like when I was a kid... now there's just always so much to do ....with Christmas feeling like it's the week after!!

  12. I really like your memories !!!
    I also remember the Board childhood with mom and dad, the old habits ......
    Today also been a lot of changes.
    Imitate other nations. Forget your:-(

  13. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for us (more so than Halloween.) We get together with family and extended family and everyone brings a dish (or two.) After remodeling the farmhouse where my husband lived as a child, we once again, celebrate Thanksgiving on the farm. Everyone loves hanging around and watching the kids play outside - or the ladies chat inside. It is our stress-free holiday. So, glad you are including Thanksgiving designs!

  14. Can't wait to punch that Turkey!!! :-)

  15. I have been watching to see that wonderful hooked turkey pattern pop up in your Etsy shop. I adore turkeys and Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see all these noble birds!

  16. So very excited about these designs! I LOVE Thanksgiving, and as you say, it is frequently passed over. Bring on them turkeys!!


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