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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thimble Coffin Class ~

Yesterday's class was so very nice!
I love all of the girls that came out to enjoy the day with me ~

the weather was perfect and it was so good to see old friends again…

here we are at the beginning of class ~ 
preparing the box that the thimble coffin cross stitch project will be topped with:

clockwise ~ far end of table:
Carolyn, Robin, Heather, Sharon, Nancy, Kay & Carol

such determination on their pretty faces!

the glue was flying ~

"too much? too little?"
…just right.

the girls had their homework sent to them to stitch, 
...then at class we finished the 'coffin' part ~
they had their choice of fabrics, velvets and trims…

such busy little worker-bees ;)

I think my heart is happiest when we all gather together like this ~
I love what I do…

my sweet friends ~

 Miss Joan came out to help me too ~
here she is keeping a close eye on everyone's progress:
(actually she was keeping the closest eye on me, 
because I was demonstrating to the girls how to make our project, 
by creating one for Joan as the example…)

"am I doing ok Joan?"
(love you)

 While the hens (a.k.a. "us")
were in the henhouse, 
the roosters 
(a.k.a. the hubbies)
were outside enjoying man-chatter, coffee and the sawing of wood…
oh yeah, and a little woodsmoke too ;)

Howdy Fellas!

... back inside, we were almost finishing our projects ~
we had a nice lunch of
roasted chicken salad on croissants
(made by the Head Chef ~ "Pierre" ~ which is French for….Peter)
{delicious sandwiches my dear ~ thank you , love you}

our table was piled with scraps from previous classes/projects…
I never throw away a good scrap!
…made for a colorful centerpiece, no?

a beautiful mess :)

and here is Carol with the prettiest smile ~
showing off her finished project:

hello sweet girl!

here is a beautiful group shot of everyone proudly holding their finished projects ~

hello everyone!

a little closer look of their fabulous-ness…

great job!


 after class, there was shopping ~
and laughing…
oh we laughed so much…
{thank you all for putting up with me!}

Miss Kay is fondling the wools {again}
 love you!

 Miss Joan is cashing out Miss Carolyn ~
looks like she is having fun too :)

thank you Carolyn ~
Thank you my best girlfriend Joan

A wonderful day for me, 
hoping it was as wonderful for all of you who came out for the class ~
I so appreciate your friendship and support...

Thank You
 to the customers who came in to shop during the class ~
and braved our craziness while you shopped too!
{{So thankful that you didn't turn right around and run out the front door ;)}}

I'm in the process of putting together the 2015 (wow) 
Shop Class Schedule~
we will again offer classes in the new year for:

Rug Hooking~
(beginner class, wool dyeing, color planning, design-your-own rug)

Punch Needle
(beginner class)

Wool Applique
(beginner to advanced class)

Cross Stitch
(beginner, learn to cross stitch on linen and advanced)

I'll post the schedule in a few weeks on my sidebar ~

Today will be spent cleaning this old farmhouse 
and putting the final touches on my Hallowe'en decorating 
(hoping with fingers crossed to finish)

Have a *SPARKLING* October day my friends!!

* Blessed be *

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