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Thursday, October 2, 2014

That's Entertainment ~

Doesn't take much around these parts ~
to entertain me….

we don't go to the movies,
heck we don't even watch a lot of TV
(can't keep our eyeballs open past 9:30 lately)

but, on those rare occasions that I'm left with a moment of 'free-time'
(read between loads of laundry, scooping kitty boxes {tmi} and or pulling loops or stitches)

I am easily amused with those who share space with us here on this farm.
inside and out…

Mr. Ignacious Catt
is actually our daughter Hannah's boy-kitty
that chose (begged) to stay here with us instead of heading off to college.

"they call me MR. CATT" ~ Ig.

he is usually very jovial (in his sleepy-state)
but occasionally reminds us that he is indeed, a caged & wild beast.

"Raaaaaawwrr" ~ Ig.

he is flippant, likes some people (you know who you are) 
...and tolerates others (you know who you are).

"'Suuuup?" ~ Ig.

mostly, he is my constant indoor companion
that allows me to photograph him when the mood strikes us both…

"why Yes, I am handsome…in an Opossum-ish kind of way…." ~ Ig.

Heading outdoors though, is just one adventure after another…
we never know what to expect.

we usually have many (many) different varieties of visitors,
people-folk, animal-folk, bird-folk

can you see him? (her?)

 let me bring my camera into focus better for you….

Oh! H E L L O!!

 I'm not afraid of bugs.
{I am not fond of spiders, but hey, they don't need to live in my house, do they?)
I even pet bumblebees…
there are some that I have a healthy, at arms-length relationship with
because I know if they ever decided to jump on me I would mostly likely kill myself trying to get away from it, and then end up having to change my gotchies.

so I'll let my camera lens do the 'petting' here ~

'hello little friend ~ you don't want to jump on my head, do you….'

those bead-y little eye followed me wherever I went…
those spiked forearms and twitching antennae looked ready to take me out in a second….

I won't hurt you little friend….

 I decided it was best to leave things alone 
when I noticed him doing his best Bruce Lee imitation ~

"You want fight? You fight ME!"
{said in best accent}
I'll get back to my stitching now, 

too much entertainment for one day….

Hoping you all have a beautiful October day my friends!

* Blessed be * 


  1. Mr. Ig is quite the entertainer. Thanks for sharing his photos along with the praying mantis. They too are beautiful creatures but I didn't know they could be so vicious. One was keeping a hummingbird away from the feeder on my deck the other day. That hummer was scared of that bug! Nature is amazing!!!

  2. Love the Igster and all the goings on around the homestead!

  3. Awesome pics Lori, thanks for sharing Mr Catt wih us this morning, such a handsome boy! We had a mantis on our front window last evening, quite the odd! Have a great day! ~r

  4. Mantis...they are freaky. I think it is because they turn their heads to look at you. Last year I had kale planted in two containers, the one with the resident mantis was aphid free, the other...... a wild aphid party. Love it when cats go "Halloweenie" and strike a scary pose.

  5. That Mantas is gorgeous and a wonderful friend to have in the garden.....

  6. We have praying mantis here by the dozens. I so want to be brave and pick one up, but then they turn their head towards unnerves me every time! Have you ever seen one fly? With their long skinny wings they remind me of fairies.

  7. Thank you for the entertaining visit today. Had me LOL.


  8. So funny, the praying mantis was just posing for you ! And your kitty, what a face !!!!

  9. Does Mr. Iggie "The Catt" walk sideways after he humps up like that? Cats are so entertaining.
    Love Mr/Mrs. Mantis......gorgeous eyes!!!!

  10. funny post! I have picked up praying mantis before, have even see one give birth. Around here they are endangered. I personally can do without ants. Love your cat!

  11. Great post today, love Mr Iggi, he has great personality. and I wish your praying mantis would come and eat some of my aphids, he is a handsome guy even if he is a bit of a ham!Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

  12. Awesome photos of both your indoor and outdoor friends! Thanks for sharing!


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