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Monday, October 13, 2014

Rainy Days & Mondays….

Happy Columbus Day!!

It's been raining here for days ~
I don't mind it at all really…
in fact 
I've always loved the rain.

I find beauty in the stillness of it.

I love how it charges the air and cleanses everything ~

here are some snaps of the rainy morning….

~ our ancient Elder tree in the morning mist ~

a soggy owl flag by the front gate...

my passion flower vine growing up the side of the old farmhouse

...beloved St. Anthony holding a drink for our wildlife friends ~

turning, turning….

our nandina berries in the rain ~

beautiful droplets

~ bejeweled ~

so very still...

 even the sheep are wearing their wet wool coats…

Bobby & Esther  {a.k.a. = "Baaaa-by" & "Mommy"}

Esther in the morning rain

this is my favorite picture of the morning:

looks like it is weeping….

I'll be (finally) cleaning the farmhouse today ~
there are wool-bunnies living under everything!
{{{poor Iggy thinks they are his friends I swear}}}

then I will put out my Hallowe'en decorations ~
I'll share photos of that with you on the morrow…

Have a beautifully creative day my friends, matter the weather :)

* Blessed be *


  1. Such beauty Lori! Sure gives the rain a whole new light! Have a great day! ~ronda

  2. Beautiful photos! We're having the same weather in southwest Mo. Think I may have to put on my rubber boots & take some photos. Jan

  3. rainy here today and all week......I am going to paint a cupboard...and hook.....loved your photos this morning....cant wait to see your fall.....hugs linda

  4. Your photos are stunning!! You know I always say there is magic at Notforgotten Farm!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos Lori! Love the perspective.

  6. Beautiful rainy day photos. I too have always loved the rain. They are hopefully stay at home and be cozy kinda days.

  7. Love your photos of the rain and its jewels. I am also a "rain person". You have a eye for the perfect photo.

  8. Your photos are just beautiful!

  9. Rained here in MN this morning too just beautiful...loved the photos of the farm so peaceful. Looking forward to the decorating...blessings"

  10. Such beautiful photos you took and they would e the envy of any professional.


  11. Reading your blog this morning put a smile on my face! Your pictures are just beautiful!

  12. Lovely stroll around your farm...thank you for letting me tag along.

  13. Such beauty in nature, thank you for capturing a glimpse and sharing with us


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