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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NEVER say never…..

I have succumbed.
I have gone to the dark side…
I have thrown in the towel of persistence and given up/

I am going to try punching with Valdani threads.
(G A S P)

tiny balls of temptation 

...for years (years!) 
I have always waived-away any thought of using Valdani threads 
for my punch needle work…

cheap thrifty
i guess.

really? me???? nahhhh.

I enjoy reading posts from fellow bloggers such as 
Doreen (Vermont Harvest) 
and Rebecca (Simple Quiet)
and love what they do with this thread…
their palettes are beautiful and so inspiring :)

I was rooting around my sewing room last night, and came across a basket buried deep within a shelf..
in the bottom of the basket I found them.
8 small balls sitting there looking at me ~
they said quietly….
I ignored them.
one of the balls somehow fell to the floor and rolled over to my slippered-foot
as if to say:
"can we come out to play now?"

I actually felt sorry for it.

after many minutes of kicking the little thing around,
I picked it up.
I swear it giggled…

I grabbed my needle.
threaded it with the end of the little ball.
and punched a few loops….

why was I struggling so much with myself to use this?
I am such a non-conformist.
I  H A T E change.

I LIKE it!

the 'star' on my needle is there to remind me that it is a newer needle ;)

 I began punching ~ 
the threads began filling in with painterly colors on my project…
wow, I thought.

please excuse the farm-wife hands and hangnails…haven't been to the big city for a manicure lately ;)

I had one problem though…
that little ball kept rolling away fro me as I worked.
I grabbed an old jar from my work shelf and plunked it in.
it works for me!


Ok, to all of you who have heard me say the words:
I will NEVER use Valdani ~
…just scratch that will ya?

welcome to the dark side….

I will never again
say never to anything ~ before trying it first.
I will be ordering bucketfuls of Valdani from the company today 
...and enjoy being added as a Designer in their program.

and I'll show my finish soon :)

...so mote it be.

* Blessed be *


Cheri said...

Welcome to the world of Valdani! Love how it makes the punchneedle and all other projects look "old" and especially love how when you are punching there is no need to re-thread!

LaNelle said...

Looking oh so pretty...One day I will have to learn! Blessings...

WoolenSails said...

I really do love valdani but only use a few on some projects because of the cost. It just makes things look so much better and prim.


linda56 said...

wonderful wonderful.....life is all about trying new things....cant wait to see it all finished up.....I said never once...and ate my words too...so I never say never anymore....unless its jumping from a airplane....I am pretty sure I am safe with that one...

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

New to punching, as you know my friend, but fell in love with it immediately....so smooth compared to the dmc....have fun! but I know you will.

HollyXSing said...

Welcome to the Dark Side....Darth Valdani!


Three Sheep Studio said...

Valdani rocks ! You just cannot beat the rich colors or the ease of working with it. It will make your projects sing ;)
Have fun !

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh you made me giggle when I needed it most today, I am sure your work will look lovely the Valdani threads are beautiful,
I think you have inspired me to use their threads now I need to find the right pattern.


marie said...

I don't punch, but use the thread in all of my wool appliques. I have not gone back to DMC since. Can't wait to see your finished project.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I use Valdani in my stitching. I love all the nice subtle and rich colors you can find in those little balls!

barb said...

Love valdani thread.

Jennifer said...

I love Valdani. I've never punched with them; I use their 6-strand cross-stitch floss very often. I love the large quantities. They are perfect for mono-color Quaker designs. I actually find them more economical then buyng several skeins of a different over-dyed brand.

Snugglebug Blessings said...

You bring life to your writing and I love how the little ball finally got your attention. Your work is amazing and I hope one day I will follow you to the dark side and at least try punch needle. I have wanted to try this delightful art form for years but have been sew busy sewing!! Tee hee! I hope to dive into it this winter. You have wonderful patterns too! Sigh....will have to wait till then. Can't wait to see your finished piece. God bless and keep you!

Doreen said...

:) YOU will never go back...the difference is positively amazing.

By the way..thank you so much for the mention, I feel the exact same way about you my sweet friend!!!

Enjoy! Doreen

Saundra said...

I don't own any Valdani but like what I see others doing with it. I've feigned buying it too because of my huge collection of DMC threads. Oh, and I'm cheap.


dogwoodfarm said...

I think it's time I tried it too!!
I love what I'm seeing so far Lori!

marly said...

I bought the cloth and punch a long while ago after watching your tutorial. So where are they? I've seen the balls, the colors are luscious, but I couldn't decide which to get. So I got none. But I had fun fondling the balls.

kelley said...

you held out as long as you could...it's the stuff dreams are made of...

From Sherry's Heart said...

OK!!!!! NOW ya gotta try the Valdani Pearl Cotton size 12!!! That's my favorite!!!

my3Kitties said...

Happy Punching~! I love Valdani, but to be honest, I haven't punched with it myself. I use it mostly for my wool projects. I just haven't punched anything in such a long, long time....but if you can do it, so can I!!!! Have fun!!!!! Tammy

Barbara said...

I agree that the Valdani threads are beautiful. I just purchased a couple of patterns, however, when I read it is using Valdani, and going to cost me $65 for the thread for just one pattern....OUCH! Guess I'll have to be very discriminate as to what patterns I use it on.
Definitely going on my Christmas list.

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

Lori - you have succumbed! I love Valdani threads and have been a designer with them for years. they have such a beautiful palette and they look like hand dyes which is most appealing. I carry them on line and it is the thread that most of my customers buy. So happy you will be designing with them!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I am looking forward to seeing all you lovely new designs with this thread.

Blessings always

Lynn said...

I love the Valdani threads but have only used them sparingly because of the cost. I love the look of your design and I know how much you'll be pleased with the results.

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