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Notforgotten Farm Shop & Studio Calendar ~

Notforgotten Farm Shop & Studio Calendar ~

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gratitude ~

As I sit here 
trying to write a post on this blog 
about the show here this past saturday ~
I realize just how blessed we are.
everything came together
everything 'worked' this year….
my heart is so very full.

the weather was perfect,
the crowd was fantastic….

the only thing I wish for was that my little shop were BIGGER !!!!
(I do so apologize for it being so blasted hot in there, but yikes! we were crowded, weren't we?)

I am tired. exhausted, really ~ but in such a way as I would do it all again tomorrow.
Seeing you all with those smiles,
getting to put names-to-faces
and receiving wonderful hugs (although quite sweaty!)
was the absolute highlight of the day for me….

ok, enough chatter ~
here are some snaps for you….

this is the shop about 10 minutes before we opened the gate ~
{it was so pretty & neat & tidy…that did NOT last long!}

Let's head outside, shall we??

our guests waiting for gates to open ~
... and our fabulous vendors ~

Miss Nellie's Primitives

Olde Rectory Antiques


Olde Threads

Hi Trudy!


Cathy & Kathy

Jewel's booth

Theresa's booth

Dee Harmis Antiques

Homespun Elegance

Out of the Wood

Out of the Wood

Hi Jane!

Lois being busy!


Millstone Mercantile

Lee & Jack clowning around (per usual)

the Burlap Owl

Peter & Joan

me & Nan Lewis

me & the girls from the Prim Stitchers Society Facebook Group
(what a bunch of nuts ~ I LOVE you all…please come back sooooon)

my handsome, hardworking hubby ~ Peter

Our heartfelt THANKS go to:

Lee & Robin ~ {Millstone Mercantile} 
for your dedication, friendship and help with making our show what it has become.

Felicia Martin ~ {my right hand, my left hand and everything in between}
I couldn't function without you.

Robin M. & Cindy ~ {two of the most wonderful friends anyone could ever hope to have}
your help in the shop was so very very appreciated ~ we love you!

Nadia & Bella ~ {Felicia's beautiful daughters}
you were a HUGE help to us ~ thank you girls!!

Our Families ~ who put up with us, support us and give us 'space' when we are not at our best.
you hold our hearts…

Hannah & Peter:
Yes, I'm crazy ~ yes I'm sometimes off the wall.
yes I love you both more than you will ever ever know….

To All of our Fabulous Vendors:
Having you be here is the integral part of this event…without you, this show would not exist.
THANK YOU for always being there for us, for always being a positive gift in our lives!!

...and to the Friends and Folk that came out to see us all ~
please know that we value each and every one of you…
YOU are the reason
why we do what we do.

* Blessed be *

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