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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Helping Hand ~

MANY Thanks
 to all who have kept me in their thoughts the last couple of days ~

...the diagnosis is in:
Acute Diverticulitis

so now I am on the hunt for a natural approach for dealing with this.

I am NOT a fan of antibiotics at ALL.
so I am educating myself on a more natural & homeopathic level ~
such as probiotics & the like.

Diet will play a major role in keeping me healthier now too, 
because with Diverticulosis
supposedly no nuts or seeds are to be consumed 
(or other hard-to-digest foods)
for fear of them getting 'stuck' in the pockets in the colon 
and thus causing inflammation & infection 
(which then becomes: Diverticulitis)

So, there ya have it…in a nutshell,

While feeling sludgy, 
but always having to be busy ~
I kept up with you on Facebook and your blogs ~

in the Prim Stitchers Society group on FB,
one of my friends showed a most-awesome metal Witch Hand that she was using to display
her stitched pendants on ~

I was over the moon excited 
when she said she could find me one!!!!
and then she took the time to box it & ship it up to me :)

 you are Cindy!!!!!!!

L O V E 



between pangs of pain, 
I have been stuffing little folks here in the sewing room too ~

almost finished

my favorite spot
 from the chair in front of my machine,
I can see out two windows ~

I can keep my eye on the donkeys
while they graze…

h e l l o

and I can see the front of our little farm shop too….

soon will be filled with all kinds of
Good Things

September brings changes in colors around here,
some subtle, some not-so…

the nandina berries are beginning to turn their winter-red
and I'm hoping that the birds won't eat them all before we get to enjoy them a bit ~

I've hung out our folky Owl flag for a pop of color too :)

the checkered border makes me happy!

 and our gourds are coming in too ~
can't wait to show them all to you!!

Have a beautiful, creative day my friends!!!

* Blessed be *

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