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I love seeing the past through the eye of a needle ~
...I collect old & odd things.
I pull wool & cotton through linen. I walk barefoot in my garden and throw my head back and cackle when I laugh...

I'm just a little farm-witch that loves where I am & who I'm with ~

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taking a Break ~

….no, I'm not going anywhere…

I'm saying that when I take a break from my needlework & folk art
I head straight to the bookstore…
{ok, the quilt shop too}

Libraries and book shops have always held me captive ~ 
I would spend hours in the old Stratford Library ~ 
...digesting and absorbing as much as I possibly could…

gleaning information from those dusty old books,
 that I still can pull out of my childhood memory-bank.

I do love to read.

I am so very weak when it comes to magazines, especially.
{{my family & close friends will now nod yes please}}

So of course when I saw that the new issue of Stampington & Company's
Art Doll Quarterly
was on the newsstands ~

…well, tell me who could resist this beautiful face?

I have created quite a few doll designs in my past ~
making dolls is just. plain. fun.

I find that when I design and create a new doll
I get to do everything I love to do:
and paint

working with so many mediums in one project is an awesome feeling :)

so you see where I'm headed with this?
yeah ~
now I gotta make a couple of dolls.
{told you I was weak}


The other day I showed you a finish of a wool appliqué I did.
here is the 'almost' finish of another…

eye see you

combining those mediums again,
using wool, thread, and embellishments to bring my work to life ~

love those colors

in the photo below,
you can see at the bottom ~
where I use a stapler to attach my wool & fabric pieces together for appliquéing :

I'm not a fan of loose pins or pricking myself when I work, so the staples fit the bill.
plus, I can roll-up my WIP and take it with me ~ never worrying about the pieces shifting about.

see the staple?

and of course I have to include yet another volunteer vine
this one growing alongside the farmhouse & down towards the back….

another gourd? pumpkin? {fingers crossed}

 the bees were sleepy still when I snapped them in this squash blossom….
I love their little bee-hineys.

 the sad-looking flower to the right below, 
is one of my Passion Flowers ~
they are the most strange looking things I grow and I love them…

passion flower has lost it's sizzle
when a Passion Flower goes,
it is replaced with….
Passion Fruit!

here are three of many growing up their arbor
(actually an old rusty garden gate)

I've never eaten one, but I hear they are good.

~ I love waking early and stepping outside into the cool morning air lately ~
I'll go grab my bowl of Cheerios and blueberries now, 
and sit a spell on the porch swing.

won't you join me?

* Blessed be *


Debra W said...

You are so incredibly creative, Lori! I always look forward to the results of your inspiration.

Lizzy said...

Nice post. Very positive. All the best to you.

gracie said...

Love the pictures and cheerios too!

janice15 said...

Passion Flower, next store to my Mama's house is a huge vine growing all over even over to Mama's house.. with tons of Passion flowers.. and 80 year old woman said there is a story about the flowers.. It has something to do with Jesus on the cross.. I have never seen or tasted the fruit either but she said it's wonderful and she walks by everyday waiting for the fruit to appear.. My pumpkin plant flopped.. I think the dirt needed booster .. Good luck.. with love Janice

Jennifer said...

A cat, a cat, A CAT!!! Is that new wool work a little orange cat!? I love it.

Martha Doe said...

Lori, You are having one of my favorite breakfasts, blueberries on Cheerios!

Love your new wool applique!


susan hemann said...

I am a library hound as well. I have 7 different library cards. I do love to spend the day at the Cleveland Public library, downtown. Their collections of old books is amazing.
I spend as much time outside as possible in the summer, especially first thing in the morning, coffee in hand. I am also a doll maker. For the last 5 years I have been making my patterns. I too feel that doll making allows me to combine multiple mediums.

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