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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Worth my Salt ~

When I visit my home-state of Connecticut,
I head directly to the shoreline ~

I miss the tangy smell of the salt air, the sound of the sea-birds…
and the recharging I feel from the sand and waters which is so very therapeutic to my soul.

I said to myself
"I wish I could bottle this and bring it back home with me to Virginia…"

I have known about the benefits of salt water from a very early age ~ 
how our land-heavy bodies become buoyant in the seawater…
and how our skin feels after we've soaked a bit in the waves.

did you know that Katharine Hepburn, {a one-time resident of my hometown of Stratford, CT}
swam daily in the Housatonic River??
{which leads directly into the Long Island Sound and out into the Atlantic Ocean}
She, along with many shoreline folks knew about the benefits of the sea…

So, when I came back home from my visit,
I wanted to relive the sea-water again…

I went ahead and studied the benefits of bathing in sea salts, 
...and came up with my very own Bath Salts!!!

Notforgotten Farm© Bath Salts

Benefits of bathing in salts are many,
 but 'normal' salt water doesn't provide as many components as salt from the Dead Sea..
Dead Sea salts have up to 27% more various salts we need such as:
and Calcium
compared to only 7% found in 'normal' sea water…

almost ready to go….

'Normal' sea water contains 80% of non-beneficial Sodium
compared to Dead Sea salt, which has only 20% of non-beneficial Sodium
((the remaining 80% is beneficial salts mentioned above.))

Ancient Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is energy-rich & high in iron, giving it it's pink coloring…
it is excellent for bathing in as well, but pricey….

Table Salt (what you purchase at the grocery)
is NOT good for us…
it is a refined earth-mineral, with no beneficial components 
other than the mechanically added Iodine which we find in it today.

Table salt has been related to high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart trouble…
it is a major cause of lymphatic problems in the elderly. 
the salt you purchase for your table/cooking also contains generous amounts of
Aluminum is a toxic substance to the human body, and dangerous to our nervous systems.
It has been found to be a major contributor to the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Detoxifies the body ~
Clears the Mind
Reduces Stress
and Soothes Muscle Aches

 ~ little apothecary bottles measure approx.  7" tall with my printed labels ~
...pretty for your bath!

I wanted to make sure that I wasn't putting something into my (or your!) 
bathwater that would cause any harm…

I chose organic ingredients ~
Dead Sea Salt
Ancient Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

I added:
Organic Lavender Buds
Organic Chamomile Flower Heads

then plentiful drops of ~
Lavender Essential Oil for relaxation
Bergamot Essential Oil for energy
Rosemary Essential Oil for depression
and Peppermint Essential Oil for mood uplifting….

I added Epsom Salt, for soothing of tired muscles,
and Baking Soda for softening of the skin ~

and I mixed it all up and put it into glass apothecary bottles with cork stoppers…
each cork stopper has been sealed with drops of molten beeswax to ensure nothing spills out during shipment to you ~ easily comes off when you're ready to use the salts...

 Can you hear the Sea Calling?
…can you smell the sunlit Garden…?

Around each bottle's neck,
is one of Peter's hand-carved wooden scoops made from our trees here at the farm
~ left natural, of course!
each scoop is tied on with a length of dyed french ribbon ~ 

ready for you to toss a scoopful (or two) into your waiting bath…..

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I will be offering 8 ounce bottle of my Bath Salts in my Etsy Shop soon ~

...for now, I'm off to the bath after a morning of serious stitching!!!

* Blessed be * 


  1. Wonderful idea for relaxing time Lori, the bottle with the written are really beautiful! But I can't wait to see the result of serious stitching!!!

  2. Hi :)
    How romantic are you writing ...
    Have a bath :)
    And I see in you changes, jlake I went I thought I was wrong blog!
    I cordially greet :)

  3. How beautiful. What an exciting new venture!!

  4. Such a Lovely idea for summer skin and relaxation. Absolutely beautiful packaging!... I'll keep an eye out to get some when you are ready.
    Katharine loved to fish at Short Beach with the boys..She would often stop by & borrow a pole and share one of my Aunt Mary's fried Pepper sandwiches.. My cousin would tell his mom "That lady ate my lunch again"..giggles.. It took my aunt two summers to find out it was Katherine Hepburn that was eating her sandwiches.
    *Enjoy your Recharge! Misi

  5. Fabulous, Lori!! Let us know when they are available for purchase!!

  6. beautiful post! exciting new product for you...!!

  7. What a wonderful idea! I can'at believe how fast you can pull an idea together. I see Christmas gifts in the future. Let us know as soon as they are ready!

  8. Great product, and agree with Polly, how fast you develope your ideas and put them into an item.
    Can't wait to display the sweet bottle and feel the salts in my bath.

  9. If you'll research Alzheimer's on, you will learn that aluminum has been studied and does not contribute to this disease. I have watched my mom suffer through this disease for the past 20 years, so I kind of know what I'm talking about from a lay perspective.

    Anyway, your salts look wonderful; and I hope you have a lot of success selling them.

  10. Lori,
    The bathsalts look wonderful...because of my arthritis, I have to shower.(it would take the fire dept. to get me out of the tubLOL). I will buy some for gifts and one for me just to soak my tired feet in! They sound really special.

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