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Sunday, July 20, 2014

what's on my frame...

The picture below,
is one that I use in my Etsy shop for the sale of my Weavers Cloth ~
you'll notice in the background on the left of the cloth
there is a little punched witch holding a pumpkin…

that design was a finished punched piece that was sold to a private customer a fe years ago ~
since then, I have received many emails regarding this little witch, asking if I will be offering it in pattern form ~

I don't like to sell patterns of original finished pieces,
because I feel the integrity of an original design is lost once it is reproduced,
plus I feel it isn't fair to my buyer (of the original, one of a kind piece) ~

original punched piece shown above ~
now in private collection ~

but I have decided to offer a pattern for a similar-looking witch…

White Witch ~ Notforgotten Farm©

this one I'm punching in all white shades, hence the name ~ White Witch ~
she is also holding a white Jack…her prize pumpkin :)

the back of my work (...or the working surface) is never neat & tidy
…at least for me anyway ~

it is a mess, but that's ok ~ 
I enjoy the process of creating and don't really worry about the loose end & threads…
I snip those as I go...

the snap below, of the tombstone punch I was working on last ~
here it is with the punching finished ~

"Here Lyeth…" ~ Notforgotten Farm©

I love the textures from the wool, pearl cotton & floss that I used in this piece ~
some loops are flat, some are shiny ~ others are bumpy & have no sheen at all…

I have a unique finish in mind for this one, and for the White Witch above ~

~ Hoping you are all enjoying a creative & peaceful Sunday my friends!

* Blessed be *

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