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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the Fruits of our Labor ~

...the 'volunteer' vine that is growing on our fence is revealing itself ~
we have been shown a glimpse of it's fruit but still can't decipher 
if it is a gourd or a pattypan squash…

beautiful huge leaves ~

 in the meanwhile,
it's neighbor, the tomato plant, is thriving ~
 due in-part to the shade that the volunteer vine is providing it…
keeping the tender flesh of the cluster tomatoes from burning in the full Summer sun.

hello in there!

this morning, as I was snapping pics
I heard a low buzzing sound…
upon closer inspection I found these two ~

nestled down inside the squash-blossom……


  two sleepy little bees ~
...snoring the morning away.

wakey wakey!

here you can see how big the vine & tomato are getting:

sweet annie too!

and here is our first harvest of these tomatoes ..
beautiful little orbs of red, orange and yellow.


 just the right size to cut in half, drizzle with olive oil…
shake on some sea salt and cracked pepper ~ add a little mozzarella & fresh basil.
~ Y U M ~

Sweet Summertime

 their color is thee perfect shade of red to me ~ 
I favor orange-based reds as opposed to blue based reds…
my favorite red DMC floss colors are 918 through 920!!!

 ~ and 'knowing' what color i'm looking at & how is corresponds to my floss!
the name of these tomatoes is
"Sunrise Bumblebee" and heirloom cherry tomato ;) Thanks to all who have joined my Midnight Farm blog as followers!
and for the sweet words re: my little witch bear ~

I need to pull some weeds ~

Hoping you all have a beautiful Tuesday filled with Goodness!

* Blessed be * 


tj said...

...I have found volunteers in the garden to be some of the most resilient and productive of them all.

...Love the bees in the blossom photo - sweet! :o)

...Peace & blessings. :o)

Jane said...

Isn't it great to find wonderful gifts in our gardens every day??!!
I always talk to my pollinators and give them encouragement to work their pollinator magic.

annie L said...

Everything looks so green and lush. I got a late start here in our garden and it's looking pretty pathetic. Even more so since my tomatoes share their fenced space with 2 ducks who don't get along with the other ducks. I don't know if you know it but ducks LOVE tomatoes so I will have to be quick to get my share.

susiefloozie said...

Love your garden photos! The tomatoes look good enough to eat and the bees look like they're making the perfect bees nest!

Have a great week!

ronda at simple thyme prims said...

'Tis tomato season, I've 3 plants and can't wait for the fruits to ripen.

Do bees really snore??

Have a fun day .. great post!


Debra W said...

I love this time of year! The garden is lush, and I am harvesting beans and herbs. I will have tomatoes this week, and then cucumbers, squash, and peppers ( pepper jelly, yum ). The bees are so cute!

Faye said...

I could be a vegetarian this time of year with all the fruits of the garden popping out..... Nothing like the lush greenery also that comes with those healthy veggies! Well... Reservations have been made ( yes, I'm SO EXCITED..) for the Gathering at NFF Sept 20~ my stitch friend Linda, and I will be meeting up with a group from PA/VA on Friday.... So we can be there first thing Sat for your wonderful event.... I cannot wait to meet you!! Sept will be here before you know it~

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I once had a volunteer watermelon plant growing next to my door and didn't know where it had come from till I found out my young son was spitting his seeds out the door! He was thrilled with watching the plant grow and wanted it to grow another watermelon. I let it grow all over the side walk but sadly it never made a ripe watermelon for him.

Jennifer said...

Your post reminded me of how often I use the DMC color numbers to identify the colors I see in life. This is especially true when I see a car license plate that is "DMC-followed by certain numbers" I think that car should be the corresponding DMC color then!

Karen Martinsen said...

Hi Lori,
Wonderful fruits of the vine!
You are so lucky to have sun to be able to grow things.

must love junk said...

Oh, those tomatoes look divine! And what a cute pic of those bees! :)

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