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Friday, June 20, 2014

Don't Forget ~

Tonight at 6:00 pm EST...

I will ask the magical
 Number Generator 
to choose who will be the lucky recipient of my 
you can click on the link above this ^
 and leave your comment on the ORIGINAL post to be in the running ~
Good Luck to ALL!!!

my baby picture….just kidding ;)

I will be leaving VA and heading for CT 
on Sunday the 22nd of June
and I will return to VA on July 2 or 3rd (not sure yet)
!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

starting today ~ If you place an order with me via phone, email, Etsy or Facebook
your order will not ship until my return...

If you aren't comfortable with this,
... you can always wait until I return home to place your order :)

I am processing the rest of this week's orders today and will get them out for you today.

After the events we had in May {jury/trial, the loss of Buddy…}
and just plain being tuckered out,
I NEED a vacation!
it will be SOOOOo good to see my Mom, Sisters and Family.
some much-needed quiet time will be spent in CT, walking the shore, visiting the graveyards, 
and designing new wonderful things for you!
please don't forget to come by Linda's shop on the 27th so I can meet you in person!
{see my event's links on my sidebar for more info}

I'll be back tonight with the giveaway winners name!!!!!

* Blessed be *


  1. Enjoy the book signing and especially the precious time spent with your family!!!! I can't wait to see the photos you take in the graveyards. I do that myself and probably have a few albums worth of photos from over the years. Safe travels to you my friend.....BB

  2. Best wishes for a lovely vacation and great amounts of family time! :)

  3. Best wishes for a lovely vacation and great amounts of family time! :)

  4. Have a lovely get away. Enjoy those walks, will be waiting for your interesting pictures upon your return. :)

  5. Have a wonderful vacation Lori!!!!

  6. Have a wonderful vacation Lori!!!!

  7. Enjoy your holiday!!! And don't forget your needle!

  8. Have a wonderful ,relaxing vacation !!!!

  9. Soak up the sunshine and beauty of CT and the love of family. I'm sure you are in need of some down time.


  10. Safe travels Lori, time away is good, we are just wrapping up a week in Hilton Head, ver relaxing! See you in July!

  11. Enjoy this much needed and deserved vacation. We will see you when you return, safe travels!

  12. I hope you have a wonderfully restive, creative, family filled break...

  13. Have a safe journey and enjoy your family!

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