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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Morning Muses ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
and a beautiful thursday morning it is ~

sunny & bright
blue skies and white fluffy clouds overhead…
it's early morning here at the farm and the roosters are crowing away

Iggy is ready to get our day rolling by lending a helping paw~
he usually sleeps in ~ but me thinks the woodpecker knocking on the house this morning 
woke us both up very early indeed….

good morning sleepy Igmeister :)

 when I went out our porch door to shoo-away the woodpecker,
I almost stepped on her :
a little blue-tailed skink that lives in our fire pit ~

I catch them, flip them over in my hand and rub their bellies…they usually fall fast-asleep!
love their racing-stripes too :)

I showed you my little mother of pearl sparrow-button needle minder that I made in a previous posting,
and a few of my readers asked if I would be selling any in my Etsy shop ~
the answer is yes, I will ~
BUT these can be easily made from old shell buttons, bakelite buttons, or metal buttons as well ~
you just need a pair of small round magnets (in the kids craft aisle at Walmart or dollar store)
some E-6000 glue, and buttons of your choice ~

here are a few of my favorites that I made yesterday ~ 
...I displayed them on an old metal washboard:

button, button…..

 ...all sizes and styles
from plain to fancy ~

love my buttons!

 this one below, is my favorite ~
it is large…about 3 inches across and I love the carving too!


then there is this molded bakelite button 
in the shape of a flower….

what's in your button jar???

 and I've made small progress on that little stitching I'm doing for an upcoming design ~
I've finished x-ing the basket, leaves and almost done with one initial….

my 40ct linen, dmc threads ~

but I wanted to add a little 'something' to the flower, 
so I used french knots to fill in…
I love making french knots!
(colonial knots too)
whats the difference?
to find out

"She watched and taught the girls that sang at their embroidery frames while the great silk flowers grew from their needles.  ~Louise Jordan Miln, The Feast of Lanterns"

and so I'll leave you with that…
hoping you all enjoy a wonderful day doing why you love to do!

* Blessed be * 


Jane said...

Simple, sweet, and beautiful as always. I'll be at the Farmer's Market this afternoon...4:30-6:30. Stop by if you can.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

YAY!!!!! will do that if I can Jane!

Debra W said...

Very lovely...the French knots were a great idea!

linda56 said...

lori....I don't know how many times over the last 20 years that I have tried to make a French knot......it is something I just cant do......I am in awe of your work....love the flower.....hope you have a great weekend ahead....

Ronda said...

Love this Lori! Love how you mix it up!

Willow said...

I do love your buttons too and that little mother of pearl dove ~ adorable !

Gail said...

The simplistic button! Who would a thought?

P.J. said...

I have jars and jars of sweet buttons... These will make lovely gifts for all my stitching, crafting , quilting friends and family. Your display on the washboard is nice.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet little skink... reminds me of my otis ~ rub his belly and he falls fast asleepzzzzzzzz......

love the button~needle minders! lori, you continue to inspire me, day after day ~ thank you!


Elisabetta said...

Beautiful buttoms holder! Cute small stitch I thought the flower was in punch needle! Great result!

Karen Martinsen said...

Oh what an interesting creature - I guess one has to know if they are dangerous first before picking up, and I know you do...I wouldn't know and probably would head in another direction...but it sure is cute.

I love your button keeper...now is that a regular washboard?


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