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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Morning Musings ~

Before I head out to the shop this morning ~
I thought I'd share a quick post with you….

The two books below are ones that I've recently acquired.
they are both chock-full of wonderful photographs and information related
 to those wonderful antique samplers we love so very much ~

I haven't had time to actually sit and drool over them  read them yet,
but am hoping to very soon :)

Samplers from the V&A Museum and A Maryland Sampling

this is the progress of (or lack-thereof) my little freebie design that I posted last week:

cat & basket finished, working now on the little cartouche to the left...
to see all of my freebie designs, click on the 'freebies' tab way up on the top of this blog!!!

here are a couple of my antique samplers,
(you may or may not have seen these before) 

the first one below is
'Eiza Chace' was stitched, then left unfinished ~
I believe the date '1818' was added later, as it is stitched in black thread which indicates a death…
it came to me in the wicker tray you see here, but was purchased under glass ~
 unfortunately, when I received it, the glass was smashed but the sampler and tray were thankfully intact.

I am charting this to faithfully reproduce it for those that may wish to stitch it as well ~
it is simple and sweet in browns & blues...

 this little sampler below,
was purchased from my friend Kathy Barrick's personal collection ~
it is worked in wool on linen ~

beautiful little religious sampler ~ the initials 'HB' stand for Holy Bible,
but they are also our daughter Hannah's initials ;)

 Joan & I went to Appomattox yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post ~
of course I left my camera sitting on the kitchen counter…
here is a little child's sock darner that I picked up at the antiques shop there:

my sewing basket with poppy-hued paint on it's tin rim

 I use this little basket in the farmhouse to hold my stitching needfuls 
...for the project I'm working on at-the-moment.

I found the basket in a dusty little antiques shop in CT a while ago

 the sock darner is so sweet ~
it's original white paint has been worn almost clean off…

tiny little linen covered pincushion to hold my stray pins

... the wood on the handle of the darner is worn smooth as silk ~ 

my tiny wooden hoop only measures about 3" across ~ it is an early one from Germany
and I use is when I stitch on smaller-count linens.
 Here is a little children's rhyme for you regarding sewing:

Said the Needle to the Sock:
"I'll stick you through & through!"
Said the Sock to the Needle:
"I'll be DARNED if you Do!!!"

~ memories in my sewing basket ~

Hoping you all have a wonderful day my friends ~
stop by the shop if you're in the neighborhood!

* Blessed be * 


  1. Sweet pictures!! I'd love to take a look at the Maryland Samplings. I didn't know Maryland was known for any kind of needlework.
    Enjoy this gorgeous day!

  2. really enjoyed seeing this post, the stitching and the basket needfuls! so serene, I think I'll go back and walk along with you again. Love the header as well, ears! grin! Hope your weekend is lovely and peaceful!

  3. I always love stopping by to visit...cawfee in hand. No matter how busy it gets here, I know that I can always stop by the Farm here and just breathe!

    Love the samplers and humble stitches <3


  4. Seeing the sock darner reminded me of an ongoing thing with John that had happened often through our decades together. He would bring me one of his socks that he had found a hole in and ask me to darn it (like his mother did,NO she didn't). So I would say to him,"Sure,give it to me,I'll darn it". He'd hand me the sock,and I'd throw it in the wastebasket as I said "Darn Sock". There it's done,You're welcome!!

  5. I just love the little darning egg. I have a couple of larger ones, but I will keep on the look-out for a child-sized one like yours!

  6. I can imagine that sweet little rhyme made up as a sampler with vintage darners and some needles as motifs............

  7. I've often desired antique samplers but have never been able to pay the high price often asked for the really old ones. My oldest is 1910. At least I have a lot of kits from the Scarlett Letter (circa 1980's), I guess that's as close as I will get to the antique look.

  8. Lori, to visit your blog is always such a pleasure!!! Hugs from Italy!!!


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