Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find me...

chasing kittens, puttering in the gardens or talking to the tree.

I love seeing the past through the eye of a needle ~
...I collect old & odd things.
I pull wool & cotton through linen. I walk barefoot in my garden and throw my head back and cackle when I laugh...

I'm just a little farm-witch that loves where I am & who I'm with ~

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Peaceful Sunday Morning ~

Good Sunday Morning 
Friends & Folk ~

here are a few snaps of the farm this morning ~ 
it is overcast with grey skies, 
but still beautiful….

gate to our shop

our little shop & it's garden waiting for the sun to return...

some of my pansies

our strawberries are returning! yay!!

Toby the Rooster

The Girls

the little hen in the front is Fancy ~ she is 'everyones' Mother!
she's getting old….we think this might be her last Spring with us :(

one of our Guinea Hens ~

Billy the Peacock sporting his new tail-feathers

our faithful Friends

the Kittens!

well hello there!

they are now 18 days old ~ eyes open and alert

the little tiger on the left is "Tig", the middle kitten is "Mickey" and the one on the far right is…."Boog"
(Boog has a respiratory-thing going on, hence the name…)

fat little fuzz-buckets!


Minew is such a good Momma  >^..^<

... and I had to share these two hambones with you…

Daisy  & Pinocchio



Hoping you are enjoying your first Sunday of Spring!

* Blessed be * 


Cari said...

Love your country life animals as much as I love your designs. Have a wonderful day….

Primitive Stars said...

Happy Spring Lori, always enjoy my visits to your farm, such a joy. Adore all your animal friends, you are blessed, Francine.

susiedele said...

Fun post, Lori. That last shot of Pinocchio is such a hoot. Love it!

Lori C. said...

Thank you for inviting us over for a Sunday romp!
Everyone looks very content.
All's quiet but sunny on the home front here.

Sandra said...

Love all your yard friends, but the kitties are just too sweet. How do you keep your hands off of them?

must love junk said...

Oh, what pretty pics of the shop! And I always love seeing pics of your animals! The kittens are soo cute!! (And the 'hambones', too :)

Mary said...

Good morning to all the farm animals....pets. I seem to remember peacock eggs years back,,,did any hatch? Would lobe to see photo of Billy in full raised tail.

denise said...


backporchcarver said...

I was reading another blog and thinking, it is just about time for another morning stroll through Lori's farm as the sun is shining here so its a great day for a walk.You can imagine how happy I was when I got to your blog and discovered all the great shots of your fur friends around the farm. It is good to see everyone is doing so well after such a winter.You have inspired me to get out in the garden today.Thanks for sharing.

Karen Martinsen said...

Oh Lori, I need one of those sweet little fur balls!!! Oh the white one is just too cute....well they all
Love looking at your pictures

Debra said...

I like all of your animals, but the kittens make me melt! I didn't know about Billy the peacock. My daughter lives on a farm in Wilton, CT, and she has a peacock who just showed up! He apparently likes to pal around with the resident wild turkeys!

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Thank you forthe Sunday invite... Everything looks so peaceful...all the farm babes happy to see you...those kittens are seriously daisy and pinnocio such sweeties....
Have a great Sunday!!!
Chilly but sunny here in Ohio

evelyne staebler said...

thank you Lori , your photos are sweet....and I love the small kittens ...big kisses ,evelyne

NMK said...

What a fun visit !

annie said...

life on the farm!
great photos!
love the last one best!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Your Sunday is looking so peaceful. Love the pictures and your furry family. They are all so wonderful.

Peace to all,

Anonymous said...

Love the kitties! I grew up with litters of kittens every Spring, and I do miss it so! We have 4 cats, but they are all adult. I have fostered dogs before, but I may volunteer to foster kittens for the shelter down the road this summer. Just not sure if I could give them up! One of our barn kittens years ago had the respiratory illness and I thought it was going to die--the vet gave it amoxicillin which did nothing and then it was cured by Lincosin (a tetracycline). She was a gorgeous calico--my favorite! Love your farm and all your photos!

Cranberry Morning said...

I have no idea how I found you, but I enjoyed this post. And it was one more step toward getting chickens. Now I need to drag out my Murray McMurray catalog. I so enjoyed the pics of the beautiful animals on your farm.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Happy Spring Lori, oh how I could love one of those kittens!

Anonymous said...

I love the animals but Daisy n Pinocchio just make me smile! They captured my heart when I visited. Happy Spring.

kelley said...

What a lovely Sunday Daisy and Pinocchio...the fuzzy butts and Minew...thanks for putting a smile in my heart...

Sharon said...

Were there four kittens to start? I love all the farm friends only thing missing is sheep, I grew up in a farm and had every kind of pet I could want esp lambs

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

One of the kittens has passed ~ the smallest little tiger, leaving us with the three in the photos ~ poor little baby ~
and yes! we have sheep, they weren't in a photo-shoot mood that day!
~ L

Anonymous said...

I love those sweet kitties and i was wondering too about the fourth one. Too sad that It died.

Thank You for sharing, Felicia Hamlin Minnesota

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