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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finishes ~

...Good Morning Friends & Folk!

Here are three finished (completely) 
punch needle designs I've been working on ~

three down, 2 to go ~

here is
"Spring Cleaning" whisk broom apron ~

Spring Cleaning ©Notforgotten Farm

here is the back...
 next is
"Blessed BEE" Pocket

Blessed BEE ©Notforgotten Farm

here is the back ~
I chose a print that reminded me of little bees….

i used old bone buttons and seam binding for the strap...
 and here is
"Honey Girl"

Honey Girl ©Notforgotten Farm

 this one I chose to finish within a hooked border ~
 I tried to bring in all of the colors of the punched threads used with my wools,
 then I added the standing wool pinwheels to the corners for a little bit of character…

I love this look!

 I bound the rug portion very simply 
with a beautiful purple/cream reproduction Civil War era print cotton fabric….

neat & tidy...
I have two more punch needle designs to go,
one is simply called
and the other doesn't have a name quite yet ~
I'll share their progress soon :)

I will be adding a brand new video tutorial series for punch needle
 on my Youtube channel soon, beginning either this evening or tomorrow.
 ~ this new tutorial series will take you step-by-step through how to begin needle punching…
everything from gathering your supplies, to threading your needle to actually punching, 
finishing your projects and beyond…

I hope you will join me in my sewing room by watching them 
and subscribing to my channel ~

here is my Youtube channel address:

Rainy day here at the farm today ~
all of our late winter snow has melted, making way for the new sprouts in our gardens ~

...Hoping SPRING is finding you wherever you are!

* Blessed be * 


krayolakris said...

Beautiful finishes!!

Karen Martinsen said...

these finishes/designs are absolutely fantastic.
I am going to be ordering a couple of them when available....can't wait.
Yesterday I went shopping and tried to find 'weavers cloth' but no one had it...JoAnn's did't even know what I was talking about...duhhhh!
Can one use Muslin in its place?

NMK said...

They are all Beautiful !!! I Love the way you hooked the border with the standing circles , it looks so neat ! Even all of your backing looks so pretty .....I want to make everything, but I am still working on kits I bought 2 years ago ...poky me !

1890* said...

Glorious BEEautiful finishes!.. I adore each of these works and anxiously wait for the patterns
Blessed Be ((HUGS))

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Dear Karen ~
NO! please do not use plain muslin for punch needle work ~ it will rip and tear from the needle perforating the cotton fibers (like a postage stamp edge…well the OLD ones anyway! LOL)
~ Weavers cloth is really made for punching, it is a cotton/poly blend that 'allows' your needle to glide through the fibers of the cloth ~ we carry it in our Etsy shop if you need some…
~ L

Debra said...

Your finishes are beautiful! I am almost finished with my first punched piece, which I plan to mount on a small round wooden box. It's just my own doodle, but I love it! Next I plan to try one of your designs, and I am really looking forward to your new tutorial. Thanks and Blessings.

WoolenSails said...

Love the finishes you made for the pieces, beautifully done.


Jane said...

These are so lovely and SOOOO YOU!
I really like the hooked border around "Honey Girl". I'm definitely going to get that pattern from you. Can you teach me how to do the standing circles?
Hope to see you, soon.

jennifer768 said...

Amazing finishes Lori! I especially love the way that you finished "Honey Girl"! I will be watching for your videos.I would love it if you could share the technique for doing the raised rosettes that are in the corners of "Honey Girl" sometime.Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!Blessings,Jen

Adair said...

These are absolutely beautiful!!!

The Wool Cupboard said...

LOVE your newest finishes, Lori...esp. "Honey Girl."


Jeanne said...

Beautiful !!! Love them all...such unique finishes.

Tina McFadden said...

They are all so beautiful. Tina

Kathy F said...

That hooked frame is AMAZING!!!!! The pinwheels ate my favorite part!!!! Way cool!!!

Beth Anne said...

I also love the hooked frame you made. Were you able to hook into the weavers cloth?

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

They're all lovely but I must admit I'm partial to the Honey Lass.
No Spring here yet but I've got my fingers crossed...
Susan x

dogwoodfarm said...

Wow!! Love your designs and hooked frame!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the Blessed Be, you should keep that one, but they are all wonderful.

Kathy L. said...

I love all the finishes. I am looking forward to the tutorial. I tried punch needle once and was not too successful. I love the look and hope to learn it.


Penny said...

Love, love, LOVE!!!

Stacey said...


I'm in! I will certainly be watching and learning. You inspire so many. I can't wait to see you on You Tube (I'll be waving. Here is one gal patiently waiting for the bee pocket <3


Anonymous said...

I love all the new designs and especially how you finished them (the wool roses!). I'm looking forward to your tutorial I really want to make that Blessed Bee but for some reason I am intimidated by needlepunch. I got the punch last Christmas and cannot get the hang of it. It pulls out easily, yes? What keeps it from pulling out once you are done? Annie L

linda56 said...

I love all three pieces....of course you knew that don't I like of yours....the finish on honey girl...oh it....I am almost through with my needle point.....not sure how to finish it will wait until I get home to play around a little....I have so much to do when I get hope I can keep up with what my mind has in store for me...its always such a treat to visit your blog wach day.....I cant wait to see your youtube....

Mugwump Woolies said...

Great finishes...the bee has such a lovely expression!

Karen Martinsen said...

I didn't think it was a good idea for muslin but the lady in the fabric shop said it would work...needless to say I didn't buy any and thought it was way to thin.
I will order some from you.
I had some very good quality cross stitch fabric and drew the patterns out that I ordered from you but I know now that the holes are too big! lol So ordering some will happen.

penelope said...

Really beautiful pieces!Can't wait for the patterns. Such unique ways to finish each piece...

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE your Honey Girl finish!
Hugs :)

Shelly said...

Thank You for offering the tutorials for punch needle. I've always wanted to learn, and when I do, Blessed BEE will be my first!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lori and thank you for the YouTube tutorial; I've wanted to learn punch needle but didn't know where to start, now I do!

cucki said...

So beautiful xx

donna said...

These pieces are spectacular! looking forward to the patterns being available.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Wonderful finishes as always! Love the hooked frame. So fun seeing your ideas come to life in your work Lori.
Hugs, Lori

Anonymous said...

Please release the new patterns SOON !!! :)

The Preening Crow said...

Do you know where your double holed bone button came from? I was going through my Mother-in-laws button box one day and found a bunch of these buttons. So I pulled them out and asked her what they were used for and why there were so many. She said that was because they all used what they'd come off of. They were buttons from long underwear and they all wore "long johns" in the winter! Great buttons from such a common thing
I love them!

Kathleen Woodbury said...

Oh my gosh, Lori! Such gorgeous designs and the finish on your Honey Girl...took my breath away! never would have thought to marry the punch needle and a hooked it!

Kathy Barrick said...

Your Blessed Bee is absolutely wonderful - just like you!! You are an inspiration!


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