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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Treasure Hunting ~

Happy Sunday my Friends!

Last Thursday ~
Mizz Joan & I visited the Factory Antiques Mall in Verona Va 
and came home with some treasures ~

 ~ then, last Friday evening 
I went to our local auction 
...and came home with a few more !

here is my 
P L U N D E R:

ironstone tureen with lid (auction = 3.00)

i think that is a fig on the lid handle...

l o v e

whisk brooms from the antiques mall ~ the color of the one in the center...

little dundee marmalade jar to hold my paintbrushes…
(antiques mall)
can one ever have too many of these? :)

…it even has the paper label!

milk glass rolling pin ~ (auction)

vintage clip-board and iron plant hanger (antiques mall)

two super-long feed sacks that will become  bolster pillows for our bed (antiques mall)

 and my very favorite thing
...from the antiques mall ~

milk glass rabbit lid to a candy dish ~

I am on the hunt for the base for this…it looks like a basket
if you see one let me know!

and I've been punching ~ and punching ~ and punching away some more
on new finished goods, patterns and offerings for the Spring Open House on May 3rd…

peek a boo!
I'm hoping to offer a few of my original punched-face dolls on Ebay,
perhaps even one later this evening!

Charlie is here today ~
we are having corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes…
...he brought a good loaf of black olive bread 
(my hands-down F A V O R I T E bread!!)
and we'll have cherry pie with homemade whipped cream for desert ~

Charlie has been gifting us lately, with things he no longer needs/uses/wants.
I will share some of the fabulous things he's passing down to us 
from his Mother & Grandmother very soon!
(which would have been Hannah's great great grandmother & great great great grand mother) ~

Have a beautiful day spent with folks who love you!

* Blessed be * 


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Lori, wonderful finds you bought, I adore the little brooms and milk glass rabbit lid.....What time is supper? Sounds so yummy, Enjoy, Francine.

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Hi Lori,
What lovely treasures you found!! Hope that rabbit base finds its way to your farmhouse!
If I didn't live 5 plus hours away, via plane, I too would be joining you for dinner with Francine!! That bread sounds delicious too! I have never heard of it or seen it.....must try to find some....yum!
Enjoy your day!
Warm Hugs~

linda56 said... the handle on that bowl....very neat stuff you gathered up....I love the whisk brooms too...I have some of those I think I will pull back out of the downstairs when I get have inspired me once use more of my old with my new.....I have been so laid up for way to long...and cant wait to get home to play with my things.. new and that I am able too....I always love your punch needle....and wools.....I got my punch needle out the other day to start it...and when I got my puncher out...the needle threader was not there....any ideas on how to thread with out one....grrrrrrrrr.....keep sharing your story....your friend linda

blueladie said...

Wow Lori! You did really well. What great pieces you got. :) Cathryn

Jacqueline said...

Whoot ! I love all your finds, especially the soup tureen.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Yes Lori... You found many very nice treasures. I LoVe it all.The white ironstone is gorgeous! Hope you find the bottom for the bunny lid. The open house sounds wonderful.

Mugwump Woolies said...

What a deal on that beautiful tureen! Don't you just love it when that happens?

debi rosin said...

Love it all. . . I bought an old metal dentist cabinet this summer and the drawer was full of old whisk brooms and brushes of every size shape and color. . . along with about of cup of whiskers. . . (it came out of an old mans bathroom) eww. . .

enjoy your day filled with loved ones. . . ~d

Doreen said...

Good afternoon Lori..oh my ..what wonderful finds. I especially LOVE the Ironstone tureen!!! It's beautiful!!!

Your day sounds perfect :).


Debra said...

Love your new treasures, especially the tureen and the milk glass rabbit. Beautiful farmhouse style!

must love junk said...

I've just found your blog and fell in love when I saw your latest finds! Many are the same things that I collect-great score! I'm now following :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

That tureen is lovely and such a deal!!!
Hugs :)

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely goodies...particularly the tureen. Just imagine the luscious meals it contained, and the many conversations that where present round the dinner tables of the past. You have found a treasure surely!
Wishing you joy ...

Saundra said...

Wonderful treasures indeed! Hope you find the base of your bunny lid. Can't wait to see your other treasures in a future post.


casey said...

Bless that Charlie for gifting you with family treasures...they mean the most!!

Anonymous said...

As a milk glass collector, I'm loving your new treasures - I've never seen the bunny candy dish but the rolling pin is on my wish list! Enjoy :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So many wonderful finds ~ I just bought some whisk brooms on my treasure hunt ~ they are hard to find.
Enjoy your treasures ~ hope you find the bottom to the candy dish~ he's so cute.
Prim Blessings

Anonymous said...

check this for your beautiful rabbit!

Carol Roll said...

Hope you find a bottom for the rabbit.
Love the goodies you got at the auction!

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