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Friday, February 21, 2014

Stormy Friday ~

Hello Friends & Folk ~

Blustery day today here at the farm….
high winds & rain.
gloomy but almost balmy out with temps in the 50's.

I mentioned in my earlier postings that Minew is expecting.
her belly is full of squirm-y kittens now!
(I have been calling her 'Polly McWaddle')

here is a profile:

sweet Minew

 ...and here is a full frontal shot:

look at the sides of her belly!

she is such a loving cat ~ 
she loves her belly rubbed and as big as she is, she rolls over for me…
hoping she has the kittens soon ~ we can't wait!
(perhaps she'll gift me with them on my bday?)

our little mother...

 Minew has been sleeping in Peter's workshop ~ 
...where he can keep an eye on her.
(I swear he's more excited about these kittens than I am!)

He's been out there cutting & milling wood for the Hookinpunch© frames ~

cutting a huge log to be milled

 ...this thing scares me!

crazy chainsaw

he works hard everyday in that workshop…
~ for hours at a time.


of course, besides having Minew for company,
he gets plenty of help from our Friends….

hello Buddy!

 and if Buddy gets a little too much attention,
then Lazy has to make sure Peter divides it evenly…

hello Lazy!

 because they work so hard here too ~
making sure we remember to take breaks from our work to pet them,
and assuring that not one visitor goes without a proper welcome,
each one of them gets a biscuit…

Good Boys

... after visiting all of them down in the workshop,
I took a walk around the front yard to where the piles of snow once where…
...and this is what I found:

G R E E N !!!

 my narcissus are poking their tiny heads out of the dirt next to an old tree-stump…
oh how I want to play in that dirt!!!

welcome little sprouts!!

but I will wait ~
...instead I'll head back in the farmhouse and do a little needlework
and listen to the rain on our old tin roof…

Hoping your day is filled with friends and thoughts of Springtime :)

* Blessed be *


Jeri Landers said...

I miss having bitty kittens, all my girls are seniors and were "fixed" long ago. Nothing is sweeter than a kitten.. unless it is a puppy or a duckling, a baby goat, a chickpea, a lamb... oh, they're ALL W0NDERFUL! I must check out these punch needle frames your Peter is making, I think I need one.

Mary Lynn said...

Wonderful post today, enjoyed it. Also nice to see Spring is near.

Kathy L. said...

Love this post, the dogs and Peter look so happy. The Spring teasers are nice. (Cold blowing snow here in Wisconsin) Spring is a bit far away yet for us.


Penny said...

Your posts always give a warm, fuzzy feeling... love seeing pics of your farm and it's residents. They make one stop and remember the simple things in life... like our furry friends and spring coming to life. TFS this wonderful post!

linda56 said...

hi lori......wish I was close by to cuddle those kitty's when they arrive......she look ready to pop.....you have inspired me to do a little drawing after I seen your sketching....you have wonderful talents my friend....my still drawing I did today is no where near blog worthy....but it does feel good to draw once again....

backporchcarver said...

I am surprised at the size of log you can cut. That is a nice setup.Kittens are such a joy to have around, I envy you. Enjoy your stitch filled day.

Mary said...

I am guessing this was a surprise ...The only time we had kittens is when I failed to realize my new kitten was older enough to have kittens....she was spayed as soon as possible after kittens left us. I never made that mistake again. With my latest cat ( male) I kept asking how soon can he be neutered? There are enough kittens...but that being said, they are cute!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Mary ~
We will be keeping our kittens, and having Minew spayed as soon as she can be :)))

NMK said...

What a nice post today....LOVE seeing plants growing !!! You are So Lucky !!!!! Best wishes to Minew, kittens will be fun !

Jane said...

As always, it's great to see my Notforgotten Farm friends!! Your sweet animals return all the love you give them. I'm excited to see my daffs peeping up, too. It won't be too much longer before we can get digging in the dirt!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Always a joy to read your postings Lori. So wonderful to see the Spring hopefuls..green sprouts!

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Oh Minew looks so content with herself....she looks like she is going to be a wonderful mommy....how fun for the farm to have playful kitties running around. How exciting to see what spring is bringing!!!! Seeing all the excitement on the farm...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the picture of your narcissus. I live in CT and it actually took my breath away. Roann

must love junk said...

Oh, Minew is so sweet!! I can't wait to see the kittens!! :)

HomeSpunPrims said...

Awwww, sweet momma Minew. That is quite the saw Peter has. Love seeing the happenings at your farm Lori. We are still under over two foot of snow. Hugs, Lori

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