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Thursday, January 2, 2014

H E A R T S aflutter....

Happy January 2nd!
(i'm used to wishing "happy..." so why not celebrate everyday now?

I wanted to share this with you ~

our Heart Flax Comb painted in Oyster White...

so pretty!

 since my color scheme (in the farmhouse) will be lightening up,
I thought this would be pretty in this color...
I L O V E it!

I love our
...but this one just sings to me :)

 how pretty it looks in my old wooden bowl 
...along with our little Red Heart Thread Winders/holders...

~ makes my heart happy too!!!

and I'm pulling a few loops today ~
so you can see my wool color choices below:
tomato reds, creams, browns....

...I'll share what I'm hooking soon ~
woke up with a slight headache today, don't know if it's sinus-related or barometric pressure related,
but it aches nonetheless...
so the quiet act of hooking and not 'thinking' too much, 
...with some simple handwork in my lap will be just what I need today.

Here is a little more progress on the bathroom floor redux:
Peter has it completely sanded now!
it is just so light & beautiful ~

in the photo below, you can see where the old oak flooring stopped 
...and where the old fir flooring begins...
the lightest at the top being fir, then gradually darkening down towards the bottom of photo is slightly stained oak that has been sanded, then finally down the very bottom of photo 
...is the color of our oak floors at the present.
(can't wait to sand every room in this old farmhouse now!)

Peter will urethane the bathroom floor now with 
Minwax Polyurethane for Floors in a satin finish.
not sure how many coats we'll do, but I'll keep you posted...

Off to hook,
have a beautiful rest of today my Friends!

* Blessed be *


Saundra said...

Looking good and he was able to get rid of that horrid tar paper. Will keep track of your/his progress.


ga447 said...

I had what you have now and it took forever to recover - 10 days. Be careful with the paint and sinuses don't mix.

quiltsbycheri said...

ah the newly sanded floor looks wonderful! have been battling sinus troubles too YuCK! am not prone to headaches, so am terribly whiny & grumpy when I do..... feel awful for those that have to suffer from migranes......
am back to my quilt class next week and will be plugging your new applique patterns to the shop owner for purchase...... she will love them I'm sure and then I can purchase them from the shop, supporting both businesses at the same time! I Like That!
feel better soon.....

jody said...

Cant wait to see what your working on! Love it all in your wood bowl! Everything looks great in a wool bowl doesnt it!? Enjoy!

Debra said...

Plan to spend some serious time in my sewing room tomorrow as Hercules batters New England. I really love snow days! Your BR floor is looking good!

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Hi Lori,
Love, love, love those flax combs in ANY color, but the white looks so pretty with the red hearts and the ticking!!!
The floor is looking great and I know what a hard job that is....my hubby and son have done a job like that and it is WORK!! It will certainly be well worth the effort!!
Hope your stitching and resting will ease that headache....I get them occasionally with my fibro and find that stitching can be so healing!! Hope you feel "right as rain" soon!
Warm Hugs~

Jacqueline said...

Re do is looking good. I can't imagine the work it took just to get the floor ready for the next steps.

Hope you are feeling better.

usagypsy said...

Love, love, love the bathroom floor! I woke with a headache a few weeks ago and it lasted seven days! Horrible thing! Not sure if its something going around. So tell me pretty please...have you guys ever found any goodies stashed in walls etc while remodeling the farmhouse? Nosey..errr...I mean curious minds would love to know :)

Sarah said...

Oh, the heart flax comb is wonderful in any color. Do you sell these? I would definitely be interested in purchase one or two of these.
Love your site. I'm your newest follower……..Sarah

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