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Friday, August 9, 2013

{ Good Company }

Most of my days
are spent here in my sewing room...
computer work, answering emails, processing orders ~
and of course this is where I (mostly)
hook, punch and stitch.
I share this room with three loverly companions:
wire dress form, cage dress form & paper dress form

I affectionately call them
"Madge, Mildred & Maude"
Madge is the wire form ~
she has a very delicate disposition and gets nervous in thunderstorms...
she tends to be very shy & quiet.

the girls.

Mildred is the standing cage dressform.
She fancies herself a bit loftier than the others
and as so wants to adorn herself with jewelry and a silk top-hat.
Mildred has a tendancy to go on about herself...
much to the chagrin of Maude...

and, Maude.
dear plain Maude.
She is down-to-earth and grounded...
so very humble and always tries to offer help when she can.
standing near my sewing table ~ chattering away amongst themselves...
what could they be going on about now?
Do any of you collect dress forms?
((do any of you talk to them or am I the only one on the planet?))
it's ok...they keep me company and I love to think about
all of the sweet dresses
that were perhaps
created on
from first-date dress ~
to prom dress ~
to wedding gown ~
to ~
... farm apron?
maybe a ric-rac-edged apron that may have had a pocket
that held a dainty hankie
or lost button or two?
or a shopping note reminding to purchase more thread or fabric from town ~
or a now-wilted flower picked by chubby little hands for his mother?
see what I mean?
...they do talk to me....
Have a beautiful eve my Friends ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Kathy Barrick said...

You are truly poetic, my friend.


Linda said...

I don't collect dress forms - but would like to. And if I did, I would name them and talk to them - just like you! I name my cars - so...why not dress forms!

Linda in VA

The Evening Stitcher said...

What a wonderful story, Lori! Who'd of thought of dress forms having personalities? Only someone with an imaginative and creative soul... and a beautiful warm heart....your thoughts and words are what inspiration is made of...thank you for your gift.

Trace4J said...

How fun.
I surely would love to collect them if I ever found one.
I too would name and give them beautiful aprons.
Loved this post.
Woolie Hugs


Raymond Homestead said...

Well it's good you are in the midst of such great company Lori!

NMK said...

Another neat collection you have ! I have never seen one like Maude, my Mother had one when I was very young, it scared me, I thought she came alive at night !!! She could roam the house along with all my dolls while I was sleeping.If I would try to wake up & catch them , they would all be back in their spots...I had forgotten about those memories until now....pretty funny !

linda said...

I love to read your words as you share your thoughts! Someday a book? A collection of random inspirations like your doodles? Do you journal?
Just am in awe of your creativity and humble spirit.

matty said...

I imagine my things chatting away while I am gone during the day -- the doll I slept with from birth, the stuffed dog who joined her when I was 12, and the little doll who came along much later, but had many years of living behind her... They all snuggle in my son's rocker and chat away... Perfectly normal! :) It is magic....

Ronnie said...

I don't have any dress forms, wish I did, but I do have 3 hens named Mabel, Maude, and Myrtle and I do talk to them, I thank them by name when they lay eggs for me. Yes I can tell which hen lays which egg.

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