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Thursday, May 30, 2013

{ duck, duck....Goose??? }

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
and what a beautiful morning it is! we have had thee best weather lately...
I hope you've enjoyed some nice weather in your area too!
I have to share this with you:
tiny little brass clips made into duck or geese heads....
Peter's cousin Charlie brought over an old, OLD jar of buttons for me ~
(he's got my number, ya know? ha!)
this was in the bottom....
quack! or honk!

there is a patent date on the undersides of both heads
which reads
"PAT. NOV. 8 1894"
(with the "N" being backwards, ...which i think is utterly charming)

the clips/heads are fasted to a length of what I think was cotton fabric covered elastic ~
which has turned dry & brittle from age and/or use...

 the length from bill to bill, or end to end measures approx. 5 inches, with the fabric width being approx. 1/2 inch wide....
...does anyone know what the purpose for this little clip was used for?
of course to me, they resemble the sweater-clips we used back in the 40's through the 60's ~
then we also used clips on the backs of our shirts in the 80's
(don't ask, the 80's were just weird.)
so please give me your insight?
I'll do some research to see if i can find anything, and if I do ~
you'll be the second to know!
our sincerest THANKS to all who supported our new items that were released last night~
I do have 1 more cross stitch design that should be ready today, and I'll release that one asap.
I know you'll love it!
have a beautiful day my friends ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Earlythreadwork said...

Wow Lori, how cool are those!...maybe a little ones overalls...enjoy your day!..wonderful update..


Patti said...

My first thought was it reminded me of mitten clips from when we were little ~ one end on the mitten and one end on your coat sleeve so as not to loose them :)
What a treasure!
Blessings, Patti

Peggy said...

These are wonderful. I think they are bib clips! Great find!

Saundra P said...

I was going to guess what Patti said, mitten clips; but the bib clips sound reasonable too. How wonderful a find was that!!!!! Please let us know.


linda said...

What a treasure!

Martha Doe said...


I, like you remember wearing clips with elastic scrunches between them on the back of jumpers and some tops.

Interested to see what you find out.


Dorothy said...

They look as if they would clip on the front of ones cape
To hold it together. Now you can you it to hold the new style cardigans that don't have buttons and need a clip or brooch.

Karen said...

They are just beautiful...I do believe they were used to hold a shawl, sweater or cape (like Dorothy said).
I've seen modern day ones that have like a pearl broach type thingy on each end with like a gold chain between them.
So that's my guess.
But no matter what they are they are just beautiful. What a treasure.

Karen said...

Here's a link for the modern day ones.
I used them a few times as a teenager.


Jacqueline said...

I don't have a clue but what a find for you. Hope you find out the real use and share your knowledge with us.

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