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Friday, May 10, 2013

{ another cycle begins... }

...Last night
while we were peacefully sleeping
something wonderful & magical was happening...
a whole new lifecycle sprang to life in the darkness ~

most that know me
understand that I love all creatures big & small
...(well occasionaly I dislike spiders)
and know that I am not squeemish or afraid of bugs...
(unlike some of my gal pals who shall remain nameless, Joan.)

I find beauty in them...
their wings, eyes, legs and shapes of their tiny bodies.

 ...and of course,
in their spectacular colors!

oh, Hello!

 I tell folks
that I could easily become an
Entomologist ~ click
when I grow up...
(I may 'mature'...but i will never 'grow-up')

some of you reading this might be saying to yourselves that I am a nut ~
how can you not at least appreciate the delicate,
 albeit creepy-to-some,
such as this?

as a Folk Artist,
I am always drawn to color, design & shape
especially for me, in Nature ~
I am inspired by texture and detail...
~ look at the color of his (her?) eyes ~ that perfect orange-y red...
and his body ~ black with yellow stripes.
and those wings!
chartruese & irridescent.
how could any Hallowe'en Lover
not  be drawn to this for inspiration?

yes, I may be a bit daft,
some have even said I've gone 'round the bend...
but that's ok.
I'm happy here with my little friends
...and am blessed that they visit me every decade-or-so.
that's it for the lesson today folks! :)
hope i haven't creeped too many of you out!
Now I am off to paint some more ~ on even tinier canvasas....
hoping to make some wearable folk art for your amusement!
I will use the colors from these bug-folk as inspiration.

Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Pamela Gracia said...

Awesome isn't it! Dan and I were listening to the cicada just last night....such an amazing piece of nature...thanks for sharing Lori!


Hmmmm, I thought for sure you were going to be designing a new hooked chair mat from these gorgeous cicadas! HINT-HINT Ya know Lori, it really it time for you to design us another paper pattern! HA Hugs, Sher

Jennifer said...

Not much of a bug-lover myself, but I do appreciate their unique beauty. How wonderful it is that you can look at them and see this, while most people just squash the poor things. I try not to kill bugs; I just avoid the ones who "attack" me or my garden. I actually love the look and color of bees, but I'm highly allergic to their sting.

Jean Bee said...

I hope you will be selling your small paintings on Etsy!! I live too far to come to your shop!

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Eeeeeeeekkk !!

jennifer768 said...

I can take most any creature except spiders.I find the cicada a beautiful amazing bug.Have a wonderful weekend.Jen

jody said...

my parents always have said i was normal til i left home... my nephews tell me theres no one like me.. ha! some of my blogger friends are just as interesting!! enjoy your weekend lori!

Saundra said...

I don't think you're daft at all. And people think I'm crazy because I enjoy watching the snakes....and still haven't seen the first snake of the season yet, but you did!


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Apparently the little critters have been in the ground for 17 years and this year they're will be millions, yes millions of them coming to the surface to court a mate, lay they're eggs and start all over again.So what ever song you're hearing now get ready...

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

If only I could spell... sorry I should have said there will be millions and lay their eggs. Either way it will be loud!


Jo James said...

Love this post! I could be an entomologist too, if the art thing ever gets old. I miss the cicada. We don't have any out here in Oregon, but my childhood was filled with their buzzy chirping. Thanks for sharing them :)

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