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stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

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Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

{ duck, duck....Goose??? }

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
and what a beautiful morning it is! we have had thee best weather lately...
I hope you've enjoyed some nice weather in your area too!
I have to share this with you:
tiny little brass clips made into duck or geese heads....
Peter's cousin Charlie brought over an old, OLD jar of buttons for me ~
(he's got my number, ya know? ha!)
this was in the bottom....
quack! or honk!

there is a patent date on the undersides of both heads
which reads
"PAT. NOV. 8 1894"
(with the "N" being backwards, ...which i think is utterly charming)

the clips/heads are fasted to a length of what I think was cotton fabric covered elastic ~
which has turned dry & brittle from age and/or use...

 the length from bill to bill, or end to end measures approx. 5 inches, with the fabric width being approx. 1/2 inch wide....
...does anyone know what the purpose for this little clip was used for?
of course to me, they resemble the sweater-clips we used back in the 40's through the 60's ~
then we also used clips on the backs of our shirts in the 80's
(don't ask, the 80's were just weird.)
so please give me your insight?
I'll do some research to see if i can find anything, and if I do ~
you'll be the second to know!
our sincerest THANKS to all who supported our new items that were released last night~
I do have 1 more cross stitch design that should be ready today, and I'll release that one asap.
I know you'll love it!
have a beautiful day my friends ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{ You are INVITED }

PLEASE click on the 'Monthly Update' tab above, see all of our new goods for sale ~
if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
Thanks my Friends!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

{ Sneak Peek at TONIGHT'S Update! }

That's right folks!!!!
TONIGHT ~ Wednesday, May 29th 2013 ~ at 7:00pm
we will be releasing our NEW goods here on this blog on our
"Monthly Update" page
{{ page tab listed above }}
here are just a few snaps of a couple of the offerings ~
"Wellswept Farm" cross stitched whisk broom apron PATTERN

small handpainted canvas necklaces ~ wearable folk art!!!

Hanging Spool Holder Shelf ~ in Confederate Grey paint

Helping Hand Thread Winder/Holder

Simple Pincushion Box Bases ~
cross stitch and punch needle patterns will be available that 'fit' into this base
so you can change them out seasonaly or by mood :)
...and a couple more needful things that will get finished up today ~
I hope you'll join us!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Monday, May 27, 2013

{ monday morning }

"I lived in solitude in the country
and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life
stimulates the creative mind"
~ Albert Einstein


blue hydrangea

sleeping in




will finish this little stitch up today ~
have a beautiful monday my friends...
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Sunday, May 26, 2013

{ Wellswept Farm } are a few sneaks at the project I'm working on
that involves the little whisk broom I told you about ~


I'm calling it
" Wellswept Farm "
(get it?)

I'll be finishing it up today,
while enjoying a quiet holiday here on the farm ~

the two cotton fabrics that you see there,
.... one cream/white,
 the other brown/cream
will be used in the actual finish
(that i can't wait to show you!)
actually, the finish was brainstormed more ysterday while Joan & I were in the shop ~
I told her what I wanted to do, and then she suggested something a little different for my idea...
oh boy, how clever this will be!

I'll be using some of the buttons too,
but not quite sure yet the placement of them...
we'll see...

We will be holding (finally) an update here on this blog VERY soon!
we'll be offering new wood items to our OLD as Dirt Primitives© line:
~ a little spool shelf to hold your thread spools or valdani thread balls
~ a small wooden base to hold a reversible sawdust-filled pincushion
~ another winder for your threads ~ (this design will make you smile!)
along with the new pattern above, some small paintings and other needful things ~
We're hoping to release the new offerings this week coming, so stay tuned for the actual date.
Hoping you all have a fantastic Memorial Day!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Remembering Lisa Roswell ~ The Primitive Needle

gone too soon...
...missed terribly.

A beautiful lady with talented hands.
and a devoted mom ~

...believed in MAGIC ~

Loved Hallowe'en
loved needle and thread....

~ creative soul ~
kindred spirit.

forever missed.

Happy Birthday Lisa ~
Blessed be ~
Lisa Roswell
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Friday, May 24, 2013

{ finding my needle...}

As the weather turns warmer,
my thoughts always turn to cross stitch ~
I love to work with wool
(when it's a little cooler out)
lately the linen & threads are calling.... I just need to find my needle.

do you feel the same way as I do?
do you tend to stitch more in the warmer months and work with wool more when it's cold out?
or am I just different that way....

I'm gravitating towards the floss palette you see above...
berry red
pale peach
fern green
and dirt

I've dyed up some linen,
grabbed an old basket to hold my new project,
and I'm heading out to work in the natural sunlight in the garden....
...working in the sun helps my tired eyes with those tiny little x's.

 I have a little project finish in mind for this small whisk broom ~
I think you will all be pleased with the results.
it will be a quick stitch.
nothing too daunting as I wade myself back into my seasonal stitching...
I'll save the bigger designs for autumn/hallowe'en ~
 if you'd like to use a whisk broom like this one shown here,
try etsy & ebay
and your local antiques shop
even your hubby's garage or basement may yield one for you.
~ mine measures approx 6" wide x 11" long ~
I'll share the finish with you tomorrow ~
if you are looking for the freebie design that was on my header,
it can be found on my Samplermakers Forum ~
if you're not a member, me for an invite!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{ strawberries and spoonflower }

Happy Wednesday to you Folks!
...what a beautiful morning, isn't it?
I picked fresh strawberries from our little patch this morning ~

not too many yet,
but these were ripe and waiting to fill our cereal bowls ~
now, to add just a dusting of freshly ground cinnamon & a sprinkle of brown sugar...

and I've uploaded three new designs in my Spoonflower shop ~


"sepia folk"
as soon as I receive the proof swatches, they will be ready for sale...
there are a few other designs in the Spoonflower shop so go take a peek if you're so inclined.
All of the designs in my Spoonflower shop will be available as
Fabric, Gift Wrap and Wallpapaer!!!
when you visit Spoonflower, click on the design you like, then click on the view you'd like to see it in (wallpaper, gift wrap, will show you a graphic of how my designs look in that form)
See the new header at the top of this blog?
well, you DO have my permission to stitch it if you'd like to...
I'm not including floss colors on this one, so you may choose your colors yourself ~
if you DO stitch it, I would LOVE to see your finished work, so please email me pics of it
I'm going to stitch it, then make it into a sawdust pillow
and use some of my new strawberry fabric for the backing :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday my Friends!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Monday, May 20, 2013

{ spoiled rotten }

That's what he is...
spoiled rotten.
and he knows how to manipulate us with his charming little bird-personality.
see how he weasels his way into our hearts?
(and hair)...

see how coy he acts as he snuggles up against our cheeks?

but we oblige him ~
we allow him to walk all over us
and nest in the crooks of our necks
for a short nap.

Hannah was home last weekend for a visit
...and met Mr. Peach for the 1st time.
it was love at first sight ~ for both of them.

what's not to love?
I am home from a week's visit to CT ~
always good to see mom & my sisters...
the Brimfield show was great ~
beautiful weather, lots of walking, great food and thousands of vendors!
I didn't buy much ~
a small bag of whalebone buttons,
an old rug hook (told you i'd find one!)
and some cruddy old wooden boxes
...that will become pinkeeps.
I have been working on a book deadline,
and got alot of work finished for it while being up home.
this week will be filled with finishing up details, paperwork, filling orders...etc.
we are also planning on another update here on the blog with new (and wonderful) items...
and I'll announce the date for that soon ~
In the meantime, I have been designing new cross stitch patterns
...and hope to release them early to mid June ~
one is entitled
and the other is called
"Reverend Gourdon Squashbottom"
and I am hoping to get a couple more finished up ~
I almost forgot to tell you that I will have another design in the upcoming
which will be on newsstands in another month or so ~
never too early to think of Halloween around here!
...the design that will be in the publication is called
"Matilda Hornbuckle"
so sharpen those needles my friends, gather your flosses and linens...
there's lots of Good Things coming!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{ heading to Massachussetts }

Hello Folks!
I have been mia for a couple of days ~
I am currently in CT visiting with family,
... working on a book deadline, too.
Friday my sister & I will be heading up to Massachussetts for the
Brimfield Antiques Show!
I'm hoping to score some antique rug hooks & such ~
perhaps a couple of sewing items, pincushions & stuff...
 and maybe some old frames for new samplers?
Who knows...
 ~ I'll be happy just being there!
I'll let you know what finds me!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Sunday, May 12, 2013

{ A Mother's Day Gift }

I'd like to wish all of my readers a very
~ Happy Mother's Day ~
I value each and every one of you,
and think of this blog as my small gift to you...
if I can make you smile, cry or laugh out loud ~
remind you take notice of the small, everyday minutia that makes up our daily lives...
if I can share with you some of my feelings and values,
and help you to understand who I am & what propels me ~
and in return receive your gift of friendship & fellowship...
then I am the one who is truly blessed.
so here is today's gift to you...pretty pictures:
tiny Minew sitting on the shop porch in the morning sun ~

she sends her Mother's Day wishes to you all ~

this is where we think Minew has been living...under the shop porch!

her little 'front door' is flanked by sweet Lily of the Valley

how very lucky to live in a garden....
how very lucky we are that she found us.

purple iris

white iris

there is something to be said about a strong man who can also be so very gentle ~

a small harvest of strawberries

it will be another beautiful day ~ xoxox
Thank you all for your gift of Friendship
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

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