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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hooker's Footrest Rug Finish ~

All Done!
rest a bit ~
 and here is how I did it ~
I know I showed you some wool in my previous post
that I thought would be used in the hooking of this little mat...but of course, you know how we change our minds.... SO I changed to a blue/brown color scheme for it instead.
I incorporated some blue cotton calico fabric into the wool for a more old-fashioned look...
sorry about the blur, but you can see how the fabric looks before and after hooking it ~

I also wanted to add some of this fabric ~ a brushed cotton flannel:

nice cream & blue check ~
some of this plaid homespun cotton fabric in a beautiful butterscotch/buttermilk shade ~
adding nice texture to the wool loops...
 Here's how it looks with all of the loops pulled, but before aging it ~
looks old, but I want to age it a bit more.

by subduing all of the loops and linen with a walnut dye mixture,
it ages the mat quite a bit...

a short soak in the dye ~

Once the mat is dry
(I dry mine in my oven at 200 degrees)
I trim away the excess linen, then clip off the corners to miter them abit
 before folding them to the back...

finger-press the linen right up to the last row of your hooking...making the corners nice & sharp.
then turn-back the edges...finger pressing as you go.

fold back that linen right up to your last hooked row so it's not visible from the front at all.

see how nice the corners are?
really an easy step to ensure a neat finish,
...even though this will be attached to a stool...

neat & tidy.
 I then sew the mitered corner together using needle and thread and tiny stitches...
take your time, enjoy the process...

you only need to tack-stitch the edes down now,
using a simple straight running stitch.

see the back of the hooked cotton fabrics? i love the look, front or back :)

once all edges are sewn back, I'll attach the mat to the top of the footrest using small nails...
Peter said you could also staple the mat to the footrest, but I prefer the old fashioned method.


I'm a "high" hooker, I tend pull my loops really high...they are handcut too, so they are wide.'s how it looks all finished and decorating my keeping room:

the FABulous doll was made by
Tammy (
 I like to help my back by using my footrest when I hook.
the footrests that Peter makes are the perfect height for us hookers...not too high or low ~
by keeping my feet up while I work, it helps eliminate the stress on my lower back...
it really does make a difference.

hookin' in my overalls :)

a close-up....

like my clogs??


got my yellow floral clogs at Wallyworld a couple yrs ago....they make me happy!

side view of the height of the footstool, and of the hooked finish ~

hooking at the perfect angle for my back....
we are offering a kit which includes the
 as well as the just the PAPER PATTERN for this design, called "REST"
in our ETSY Shop along with our finished Hooker's Footrest in your choice of color.

I will have many more designs that I'll be hooking for this size footrest,
which will all be available as paper patterns...I'll share finishes as I hook them up.

Have a wonderful Sunday my Friends ~
keeping those of you in the SNOW in our thoughts....
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


  1. I Love this Too ! So neat how you also used pretty calico fabrics ! Thank you for the tip to make nice sharp corners. I have been hooking this weekend too, fun !!! Love your clogs, you found those at Wally World !!!

  2. LOVE it, too, Lori! Unfortunately, I don't hook, but if I did, I'd be rushing over to etsy to purchase the pattern. If you ever offer finished pieces, please let me know!!!
    Love those clogs! I am a clog lady, for sure, and generally wear nothing but.....Those are really fun ones!
    Have a great day!

  3. It was great to spend time with you and the other hookers, yesterday. Thanks for the pep talk. Your finished "REST" looks great. I think I really need one of those footstools.

  4. That is a fine footrest, indeed! And it looks the perfect height for a shorty like me. I bought a set of punch needles this weekend, now off to Youtube for some tutorials. Hopefully, I can make one for myself soon! :)

  5. Well Lori, you and Peter sure make a good team! What a neat idea. Looks so perfect in your home and looks comfy to use while you hook too. Hugs, Lori

  6. I love your stool and thank you so much for showing how you finished it.
    Adding the calico and plaid homespun was a great touch. I have a stool and was hoping you would explain how you finished yours. Wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Your stool looks fabulous, love your shoes too.

  8. oh my, this is an awesome foot stool !!! I love the use of cotton fabric's, just like women would have done a long time ago, use whatever was on hand. And I love your clogs, they are so cute!!!

  9. love the finished product lori and thanx for sharing the steps with us! love it all! now rest! enjoy your evening

  10. It's lovely~ Love the colors you chose. That is why you are a brilliant folk artist,.. it's like you can see into the future, and come up with amazing concepts and color schemes!

  11. I'm very new at rug hooking, having quilted, cross-stitched, and spun, but I love the idea of using cotton strips rather than wool! I am looking at my quilting stash in a whole new light!

  12. This is fabulous Lori. Another wonderful idea.
    Homespun Elegance

  13. Well Lori another job done to perfection and wow are you ever fast!!! The colours are wonderful and look great together. You should be very proud once again of yourself!

  14. Lori,

    I love the foot rest,,especially the way you worked in the calico and homespun!

    I found an affordable sewing lamp at Big Lots that will have to serfice until I strike it rich..HaHa!

    It has a high spectrum bulb that's like sunlight...only $29.99.

    Nice clogs!


  15. Wow that was quick!! I love your clogs - I have brown ones that I love!

  16. I like the mixture of wool and calico in the piece and one day want to try that ~ Lord knows I have plenty of cotton fabric. It sure does provide an olde look to the finishd work too.


  17. WOW..
    Did it come out nice..
    Love it and yes I like the clogs..
    Have a wonderful day..

  18. Oh Lori I'm loving your hooked top on the stool. I fnd my back and arms hurt by the way I hook...I guess I need to sit in a straight chair with a stool...right now I sit on my love seat with my legs up and it's really pulling on my back and with just having surgery a few weeks ago on my back this is not a good thing. I will have to find a little stool and do what you are doing.
    Oh and I love the shoes....too cute.

  19. Oh friend..
    I love your stool..your clogs and overalls..:)
    Great post.
    Woolie hugs

  20. Wow, I had those same clogs from Wally!! I wore them out and have looked at every Walmart and online for them ever since. They are as comfortable as my Birkenstocks but a lot less expensive!!

  21. the foot stool and hooking are darling Lori...even if the limne green didn't make the cut...

  22. Thank you for this post, Lori! I'm so inspired and I'm so appreciative of the tutorial! I love the way you incorporated different fabrics and techniques ~ just perfect ~ can't wait to try it all!


  23. I just finished Give Ye Thanks and am ready to bind it. I need to hook the background on Merrie Halloween and Pumpkin Thyme and have already done Mr McGregor and have several other of your rugs to do. Whew. Love your designs and thanks. Olivia

  24. Love it. What a great idea. I have the perfect little stool to use for your fab idea.


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