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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Closer Look ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
can't believe it's friday already...friday the 13th to be exact!
(no worries, my little black cat Suzy says we'll have nothing but GOOD luck today!)

I've been punching a few projects for Autumn...
here is a little Witch holding a pumpkin that's on my frame right now ~


I get lots of folks emailing me about my YOUTUBE Needle Punch Video Tutorial
(thanks for even watching it!)
and some of you wanted to know how much 'space' to leave between the rows...
SO, here's a closer look :

as you can see, I don't leave much space at all  :)
I punch them close, but not sooo close that they crowd...

...of course I'll snip the loose threads as I to keep things neat & tidy you know...

Hope this closer look helps you a bit!

and as I was opening the farmhouse windows this morning, to let in the fresh cool air,
this little face caught my attention out by our beehive...

here's a closer look at him:
can you see the velvet on his new antlers??

he was scraping it off on that honeysuckle vine when I snapped this picture...
too cute!

it wasn't until I took a closer look
at this last picture that I realized he had a friend with him!

this mockingbird was sitting on his back when I snapped this...
then I saw what the bird was doing...
he (she?) was helping the little buck to shed his velvet by picking at his antlers ~
how very helpful good friends can be!!

So, today...
take a moment to look a little more closely at your environment ~
it really is the little things that take your breath away!
(and don't forget to thank your friends for their help ~
you may not even realize how much you need them)

Blessings from the farm,


  1. What a cute Witch! And your punching is soooo neat!
    What a gorgeous deer!

  2. Looks like another wonderful design!..loved your tutorial video., so amazed at how fast you punch. Thanks for sharing!..~Ronda

  3. I enjoyed seeing your stash pictures on the Rug Hooking on-line Mag. Seeing others' wool shelves gives me hope for my messy ones!!
    Great pictures of your visitors. So far today, I've counted 13(appropriate # ) differend kinds of birds in my backyard.
    HAPPY 13 DAY!

  4. Lori love the punch tutorial... wish my punching was that neat and tight. I've only been punching for a little while so I'm hoping I'll get better LOL. :0) Love the deer pictures too.

  5. Love the Witch and your video is great! Can we see a picture of the frames your husband made to lock your fabric in for your needlepunch? Thanks, April

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Lori,

    Where can I get this design?! I haven't punched in a long time, but my niece would love this!!

    Linda in VA

  8. Looks good! How many strands do you like to punch with?

  9. Lori, I love your witch! i am looking forward to fall and so hope it's a cool and enjoyable one..this summer has been a beast! OLM

  10. Whoops. :-) I rewatched your video and you answered my question in the first 15 seconds, lol.

  11. Lori, I just love your witch!

    Your deer and bird is just the kind of quiet adventure I like ~ makes me feel like doing a hop, skip, and a jump for joy! Thank you so much for sharing!


  12. Oh my gosh that deer is beautiful. Looks like he's looking into you and saying "peek an boo" and that little birdie on his back is just perfection. Love that picture. You should enlarge it and frame it. It's just that cool. Have a great weekend Lori.


  13. love your punching! will have to check out your video! and oh my gosh what a great picture of the deer... so much to enjoy!


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