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Monday, June 11, 2012

Jenny Wrens ~

.... my hanging geranium doesn't look too healthy,
even though it is still flowering, the leaves are turnings brown and it is looking leggy.
there is good reason:

a little Jenny Wren has taken up residence in there, so I can't water it too much :)

we can't really see down insdie this nest, but there are 6 miniscule, speckled eggs in there,
all taosty warm and waiting to pop open!!
while my family was here over the weekend, we did get the chance to see the little momma flitting about and hopping into the nest for a sit....too cute

and, in the barn, it's been quite messy lately...we can't use this push broom to tidy up because,
well, someone has built a nest on top of it too!

inside this nest, however, are two little feathered siblings...
(here is a snap of someone's hiney & tail feathers)

but, here is a little face!...
ok. it's a little GRUMPY face, but a face at least "<


I'll try to snap some more as they get bigger,
and will be on the lookout for the other little hatchlings too ~

we are enjoying the rain this morning here on the farm,
we need it, despite the fact that we really need to start haying the fields...oh well ~
a good excuse to sit on the porch swing and stitch a little!!!

Blessings from the Farm!


  1. Precious little one's~ Porch sitting sounds great to me~
    enjoy your day

  2. We had wrens and chickadees in our birdhouses. I miss hearing the mama wren calling to her babies.

  3. Jenny Wren* Blessed be in the garden! Beauty! Thank you for sharing your lovely guest.. and reminding me of her wedding to Robin Redbreast

  4. Love the photos!! So lucky to have a nest!!

  5. Mother Nature at work...I love it.

  6. Oh, I bet you are a proud mama. Congrats on your cute baby birds. Someday, your house will be clean again:)

  7. I love Jennie Wrens. We had them nest all around our home in New Jersey. Such sweet little birds.

  8. They do nest in the dangest of places, don't they? Ahhhh, but so worth the price we humans have to pay. Hope to see more of them! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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