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Monday, June 4, 2012

...It starts with a Sketch ~

Usually when a concept for a new design creeps into my brain,
I reach for one of my (many) sketchbooks....

I like to chronicle my work with what I call 'half-sketches',
...unfinished pencil drawings of fleeting images in my head.

my most favorite subjects to sketch are, of course, Hallowe'en related :)

some are sweet, like the Good Witch above,
some are a little scary, like the screaming pumpkin-guy below...

I love how a pencil can capture tiny details and shadowed nuances without even really trying to...

this one, below, is in progress now...
I'll be offering the finished works as prints and notecards in my Etsy shop soon...

I'll be using my watercolors to bring all of these sketches to life ~
can't wait to see how they evolve.

a small sleeping witch, tired from picking her perfect pumpkin ~
resting in the strong roots of a gnarled Oak tree whilst the happy Moon keeps a safe watch on her ~

do many of you keep sketchbooks?
or should I ask, do you keep many sketchbooks??

Blessings from the Farm!


  1. I am in awe of your abundance of talent!

  2. Your sketches are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the colours you will use!

  3. Wow, your sketches are just amazing !!! You are So extremely talented !!! I do have sketches too, but on little pieces of paper,that I pile together & sort thru every so often. Your header this week is beautiful too !!!! Can't wait to see your Halloween drawings come to life !!!

  4. WOW.

  5. Hope you sign your sketches Lori...I think that is as important as sketching them!

  6. Lori, I awwwwed when I saw the sleeping little witch, nice sketch! Of course it touched home for me. When are you coming to CT? Would love to see you when you do! Dawn

  7. Love all your awesome stetches Lori. I love Halloween!

  8. Lori,

    Your talents continue to amaze..I've sketchbooks,,,nothing like yours...stick people!...I so enjoy visiting your blog, the way you change up your headers and design,,such a wonderful reflection of you.

    Have a great night! ~Ronda

  9. I have purchased sketchbooks with the intention on sketching or writing down my ideas but it never happens.
    Great designs in yours.
    I really like the ones of the good witches.

  10. Your talent is so AMAZING!. You are blessed. Wonderful art.

  11. You are a true artist through and through, what a gift you have~

  12. Such amazing work. Love them all. I like to sketch but usually just put things together in 3-d. Creating is so soothing. Blessings ~Sara

  13. I don't keep sketchbooks, but if they looked like this I surely would! Beautiful! I'll look forward to this finish.

  14. Wow, what wonderful sketches!!


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