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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Changing Gears a bit....

Hi Folks!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Hoping you are all enjoying your families, friends and  picnic food :)
We'll be celebrating quietly, no fireworks or parades....just nice & peaceful here at the farm!

I've been working on so many Hallowen-related items for the Ghoultisde show lately, that I needed to switch to something else for a bit ~!

So I dug out my cotton fabrics, favorite wools...
grabbed my needle, scissors and thread and started on this applique project..

the picture above shows the colors truer...but they are browns, khaki... blacks, blues white & beiges.
the cotton fabrics are Civil War era reproductions (fitting for Memorial Day) and the wools are from Rebecca Erb (as-is) and hand dyed wools from Mary Henck (Mary's Wool Garden, here in VA)

I don't use pins to hold my pieces in place, instead I use my trusty stapler!
...I'm still playing with the arrangement, but you get the gist of the design...
I will back this with stained osnaburg, plain & simple...
then stitch an indigo blue repro calico on for a nice, skinny binding.

This will be a pattern available soon...

NOW here's the fun part that I want YOU to share in :
I haven't come up with a name for this pattern yet...
So, I'm asking you all for your me name this pattern!
Just leave me a comment on this post, with your best name(s) for this design...
leave as many names as you can come up with ~
I will pick from the pattern names submitted, and the one I love best will be the name of the Pattern!
AND, the winner will receive a copy of the pattern as a token of my thanks :)

So, put your creative thinking-caps on and play along!

Thanks my sweet Friends!!

Blessings from the Farm!


  1. Blossoms in Blue
    Blueberry Blue
    Blueberry Buckle

    Love the new pattern!


  2. Chalise stripes
    Urns & buds
    Cup Blossoms
    Token cups & blossoms
    Trophy cups and blooms
    Stripy Floral Cups
    Old South garden bouquets
    Vases of blooms
    Blue Danube
    I don't know I just hope I win!

  3. Blueberry Vine
    Blueberry & Vines
    Ironstone Farm
    Lest We Forget
    Rememberance Vine
    Rememberance Farm
    Memorial Garden
    Memorial Blues
    Urns in The Garden
    American Blue
    American Ironstone
    Memorial Token

  4. oh, thought of one more:
    If You Have Faith

  5. Here it goes:
    Two vases with vines entwined
    Two with vines entwined
    Together entwined
    Love entwined
    True Blue Love entwined
    Blue Love entwined
    Sweet love entwined
    True Love entwined
    Blueberry Love
    Vases and Berries entwined

    Yes, I'm into the word "entwined".

  6. stapler!!! LMAO

    Comfort & Blues
    Cottage Berries
    Farmhouse Berries

  7. I got a good chuckle over the stapler!

    Blueberry Splendor

  8. Blueberries and Stripes
    Stripes and Blueberries
    Stripes and Berries
    The Blue and The Gray
    Berries and Stripes
    The Berry Fields

    That's all I got!

  9. So many good ideas...How about...

    Butternut and Blue Berries

  10. I like above ... I urn tor you :-)

  11. I love it !!
    How about:

    "Blueberry Cobbler"


  12. Here's a few ideas:

    Blueberry Sunrise
    Forget Me Not
    Periwinkle Bliss
    Statice of Remembrance


  13. Winding love
    Sweet blues
    Two of a kind
    Blue green friends
    Ever lasting love

    groetjes Marijke

  14. Lori"s House of Blues


  15. Hi Lori,
    Hi Lori,

    Your handwork is beautiful! To me the simplicity of a piece is was makes it so simply beautiful. ... A piece that makes a statement all of it own ...

    So for this I say nothing fancy ... just what it is .... "Blue Berries"

    Good luck picking a winner ... you have some great choices.

  16. Liberty BLue
    Blue Liberty

  17. I see that you have lots of inspiration for naming the design from the comments left. I like how you have pieced the background. Looking forward to the pattern.

  18. "Memories of Blue"

    I really like the background with the civil war prints... and the blue in the applique is just right! I remember your tip of stapling the pieces! Has made my applique days easier ever since! :-)

  19. Another lovely, interesting stitchery!

    "Farmhouse Folly"

  20. It's Beautiful!!

    Blue Urn Memories
    American Blues
    Blue Memories
    Time Worn Blues
    Grace in Blues
    Primitive Blue Urns
    Old Fashioned Blues


  21. Hi Lori,
    I like enchanted garden or whispering vines or prairie blues.

    Have a blessed day!

  22. Lori I love mixing the cottons and wool...really awesome. My name for the pattern is "sweet cotton and wool table runner".

  23. Lori I love mixing the cottons and wool...really awesome. My name for the pattern is "sweet cotton and wool table runner".

  24. Hi Lori,

    I am totally loving the new pattern that you are making. My first thought was:

    1). Blueberry Brambles

    I can not wait to see what name you have chosen.

    Prim Blessings,

  25. Lori, all great suggestions. Don't know how you will pick.

    Mine is
    Notforgotten....Always remembered.

  26. hi lori, i love this

    one heart entwined
    enchanted garden
    enchanted together

  27. Hi Lori,
    My cup runneth over?

    Love the pattern & the stapler tip!
    Debbie :)

  28. Love blooms here
    Heartfelt thanks
    Giving heartfelt thanks
    May love bloom
    Early American stoneware
    Stoneware and stems
    Promises kept
    Cherished friendship

  29. This Little Heart of Mine
    Barbara, vasampler

  30. "Blueberries of Old"

    "Old Time Blueberries"

  31. My Heart Blooms
    Miss Prim's Blues

  32. Here I thought I had come up with some clever names and they've already been suggested. (What does that say about my creativity??) :o

    Anyways, for what it's worth:

    Whispering Vines
    Remembrance Place
    Treasured and Blue
    Aliénore's Garden
    La Joie de Deux
    My Heart's Keeping
    May's Promise
    Hannah's Journey

    (You know you started something now, don't you?)

    A stapler, really??
    (Gorgeous pattern, no matter what it's called....)

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  33. Maybe it should be I Urn For Thee

  34. Hi Lori!
    Your piece is just lovely and there are so many great ideas but I did manage to come up with several....

    Rambling Vines on Calico
    Notforgotten Garden

    Have fun choosing!!

    Warm Blessings~~

  35. Love the pattern and what fun trying to name it. I think maybe Blue Berry Delights. Or Delightful Branches, Berry Prim Blueberries, Summer Berry Branches. Sorry, I'm not very creative when it comes to naming patterns, but this pattern is sure to be a winner.

  36. Hi Lori,

    Love your creations. THanks for sharing.

    My comment
    Pieced Memories From The Wool Garden

  37. I love this design. It immediately reminded me the the movie North and South because of the colors, and the two urns remind me of the two families woven together like the ivy. So I thnk ou sould cal lthe pattern Mount Royal Ivy.


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