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Sunday, April 29, 2012

PANIC in the Barnyard!!!!

The Guinea Hens were honking, the chickens & roosters were in a tizzy!

Billy, our Peacock was sounding off in distress!
what was going on around here???

I went out to inspect...and here's what I found...
can you spot them?
hiding behind Gertrude, my oldest hen?

two little mourning doves,,,
this is thee SECOND time they have gotten into the coop...

Henry, our almost 13 year old Indian Runner Duck, and Gertrude were completely frazzled
witht them in the coop!!!

Henry, bless-his-heart, is now blind and relies on me to dig his worms for him (oh, yay.)
but he must have known SOMETHING was amiss in the coop, so he swam up for closer inspection!!

the dove-couple were calm, amidst the clamor of everyone else
...clucking, crowing, honking, braying, quacking and honking...
they are Soooo sweet!!

they must be looking for a place to make a new covey (dove nest)
and think the chicken coop where I keep the older hens is a safe place to rasie their babies?

Here I am holding the female...she was so gentle and calm...her eyes were as big as blueberries!
and she was looking at me like,
"hello...I've seen you seem like a gentle human
and must love birds to have so many here!"

she actually stared to 'coo' while I held her
...I hardly had a grasp on her at all.
As long as I can remember, birds have always 'found' their way to me...
and my dear hubby can attest to that fact...
(thanks for your patience with me peterjohn!)

I let them both out of the coop (for the second time in two days)
...and told them they were welcome anytime...

what a busy afternoon for our feathered friends here on the farm!!

 but then again...

of course, there were those that really didn't mind if we had visitors or not :)

These two are happy to see anyone,
especially if you have a treat in your pocket!
Blessings from the Farm!

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