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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finished Needle Punch project

Hi Folks!
Many thanks for your comments about my silly little tutorial video!
glad you're enjoying it and I'm happy that I have helped some of you with the actual technique ~

Soooo, here's my finished work:
(before I snipped off the 'snags' on the front)

you can see where I went back into those 'spots' and filled them in
with a complimentary colored thread...

 I tried to replicate an old tombstone look with my color palette,
very subdued and drab.

and, since I have more room left on my fabric, and the fabric is still on my frame,
I drew up another little design, then I'll draw another, to get the most from my fabric...

and speaking of frames, here's mine...
Peter built this for has piano hinges that allow the sides to fold up or down.

I can use this frame in my lap, on the table (shown)
or on it's base, like a regular box-frame.

here's how it looks from the side/back view...
let me know if anyone is interested in this kind of frame,
as I'm trying to talk Peter into making these for my shop & shows.
remember, it does have gripper strips to hold your fabric tight as a drum!!

oh, the tombstone design will be a pattern for sale soon :)
thanks for asking!
the frame measures approx. 11" x 13" itself...the fold-down sides measure approx. 11" x 8" ~ it is made from wood, so it weighs a little but isn't heavy in your can be used on the table on an angle, in your lap folded so the needle doesn't stick you or on it's base like a rug frame...when it's on its' base, it isn't angled like a rug frame, but is flat across...I like that better than an angled lap frame because I turn my work :)

Blessings from the Farm!

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