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Thursday, March 8, 2012

to the moon & back...

so many are sharing their snaps of last nights' spectacular moon ~
so here are mine,...

These were taken approx. 6:00pm last evening,
as I was walking up to Hannah's high school to attend her school's musical
(dress rehearsal), of
"Anything Goes"
the moon was hanging so low and bright over the farmland...
it was a beautiful cream color and looked to be full
(although today is actually the Full Moon)

I had my camera with me to take pics of the kids & Hannah,
so it was a perfect time to capture these ~

Can you see the
'Rabbit in the Moon' ?

(tilt your head to the right a little bit, and
you'll see the rabbit's ears follow along the top of the moon, in an arch to the right...)

...he is sitting looking at us,
wondering why we all have our heads tilted to the right no doubt!!!

the folks in China can see the Rabbit more clearly from their view...

Hmmm... if they tilt their heads to the left, do they see the
'Man in the Moon'?

blessings from the farm,

I'll share pics of Hannah's performance & of the musical soon!!!


  1. Hello

    I love your moon pics they are spectacular!

    Yes I can see the rabbit!

  2. Lori~ You sure captured the Bunny!!
    Wow, you photography is amazing~ wish my pics would turn out so clear, I have to admit though I need a better camera, just keep telling myself I don't, giggles~ thanks for sharing it through your eyes~ always enjoy the MOON~

  3. Wow, these are breathtaking!!

  4. Really nice shots, love the detail on the moon. I tried some, but the clouds kept crossing and i forgot I was on manual and shooting like I was on automatic, duh.


  5. Oh my goodness, I see it!
    Our view of the moon wasn't as colorful. It was gorgeous but it didn't have the creamy golden color that you captured. I love it when the moon is like that.

  6. Beautiful pics of the moon! I can see the rabbit ears, but that's about it.... Guess I'm not too good at deciphering these things.... To me the rabbit looks like it is in-utero!! But it is indeed a spectacular shot!!

  7. Wonderful pics! Wish I could take great shots like that :) I have never seen a bunny on the moon, so now I have, thank you for pointing it out. Have a great night,
    hugs, Trish

  8. Beautiful photo...we were looking at it too the night before last but it wasn't quite this round.
    Yes...there's a rabbit there.
    Good luck to your daughter in the musical.

  9. I'm so happy that you all can see the rabbit!
    thanks for the kind words on my pics ~

  10. We'll be at the play on Sunday. It's hard to believe this is Hannah's last year at NCHS.
    Love the moon pics. When I was in Girl Scouts we sang a song:

    Bed is too small for my tired head
    Give me a hill topped with trees.
    Tuck a cloud up under my chin,
    Lord, blow the moon out,please.

    Rock me to sleep in a cradle of dreams.
    Sing me a lullaby of leaves.
    Tuck a cloud up under my chin.
    Lord, blow the moon out, please.

  11. Oh yes, I do see the rabbit...and I did not tilt my head!

  12. Wow that's really cool...and it's the year of the rabbit.

  13. Hey! We have the same moon here in Utah!!

  14. I love the little pinkeeps in your bowl on your header! Do you have a pattern for the small "roll" that's under the square ones? Looks like it says "needle" something.

  15. Spectacular captures Lori!! Wow! And I was never able to see the Man in the Moon - but I do see the rabbit plain as moonlight! Sweet! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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