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Monday, March 5, 2012

monday snow day

Hello my friends...

here's a peek at the needle punches I've finished so far...
Peacock Farm & Colonial Adam & Eve ~

...the two larger designs will be released as patterns for your enjoyment,
but the smaller punches are finished pieces that will be made into pins and offered at the
Virginia Rug Fest ~ (click on my shows & events link under my header)
I'm working on "Bee Good" right now,
and then will start on the last one, called "1872 Sampler"

and we woke this morning to almost 3" of snow..
(I didn't even know it was forecasted!)
so needless to say, Hannah is thrilled to have a day off from school...

the woodstove is warming us, along with my Suzy
who gets Soooo close to the stove I'm afraid she'll combust one of these days...

Iggy is content watching the flakes float down from Heaven...
(he also enjoys the activity at the birdfeeders, so he runs from window to window)

Enjoy your day, my Friends ~

blessings from the farm,


Robin said...

Such a talented lady !! And can you send some of your energy my way !!!...lol..How you do it all is just amazing !!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wonderful captures on a snowy day~

Krista said...

Such beautiful designs... I really need to learn punch needle! Suzy is a sweety, she looks just like my Gigi :) Have a great day in the snow!

Orange Sink said...

Your needle punch pieces are awesome! I need to get into that one of these days.... I love your designs! Your home looks wonderfully cozy and warm! Do they close schools there with only 3 inches of snow? I've heard that before and wondered if it's true! LOL!
Cathy G

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Cathy ~ yes, if it THINKS about snowing they close here in VA...mostly because our county has mountainous areas and if one school bus can't make it, then they just close up...growing up in CT, we hardly ever had snow days...we had plows on the front of the buses!!!!! :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Lucky are they who get to attend the Virginia Rug Fest.... ;o)

Love your new finishes - I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite....I truly love them both....

Great photo of sweet Suzy.....and what a gorgeous photo of you on your sidebar.....

Hope you enjoyed the snow day....

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jane said...

We fired up the woodstove, too, and enjoyed watching the snow pile up. Then we watched it all melt away so the daffodils can hold up their heads, again! Now, let's get Spring started!!
Love your designs. I'm working on embroidered herb hangers.

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