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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just Crazy ~

Like most of you in the southeast & midwest,
we've been in the midst of some pretty bad storms....
torrential rains, high winds and booming thunder.
That doesn't stop our Pinocchio from running & hiding
(unlike another donkey that lives here with us who shall remain nameless ~ DAISY!)
nope, ...when the weather is bad, the sheep & Daisy high-tail it for the barn and remain there
until all is calm once aagin...
but Nocchi?
there stands my brave-boy, dripping wet and shivering ~
no coaxing with carrots, no promises of hugs, smooches or peppermint candies
can budge him from where his hooves are fimly planted in the muck....
he's one crazy donkey.
Buddy, our big-boy 212lb. Great Pyrenese, HATES storms...
so what has he been doing?
climbing on TOP of the dog house he no longer fits in :
here is Hannah, telling him he's too big to be acting like that....
since we removed our old rotten wood front porch,
and um...Peter hasn't put another one back on...yet, (MILD hint here)
Buddy & Lazy sleep next to the front door on their many comfy & warm blankies,
pillows & clean dry hay...
except when it thunders.

that look on his face says it all...
"mom...I'm skeered! can I sleep with you tonight??"
yeah, right....
CRAZY dog!
and on another CRAZY note,
we just returned home from Hannah's concert ~
Hannah & the school band rode school buses to the high school they were to perform at, so the buses were parked, locked and in the kids went.
after returning home, we received a phone call from another band member
to say that money was missing from her wallet...then another call and another, etc...
seems as though some low-life, dead-beat LOSER had broken into the school buses and went through every backpack, bag & belonging....

Hannah had a ten-dollar bill stolen, and
some of the money stolen was even coins from her little coinpurse.
The school & police were notified, so let's hope the bus camera's were rolling.
Poor Hannah, she doesn't even want to touch her backpack..she feels so violated.

I hope the buses had their cameras rolling!!!!!!!
and I hope they catch whoever would do this to such good kids...
just crazy, huh?

blessings from the farm,


  1. Your animal friends are so cute! It is a real shame some low-life had to rifle through kids belongings and steal. I hope the creep is caught!!--Jan

  2. Buddy is gorgeous~..hope they catch the rotten no good you what's. It is a shame.

    Your blog looks awesome tonight!


  3. Ouch, what a creep to steal! I feel for Hannah also, since it is a violation.
    Your animals are so great, and I always look forward to any posts about them!

  4. Poor Buddy, that wood pile does not look comfy at all. Are you sure Pinocchio is not part mule (stubborn as a mule)? Glad to hear all is well at Notforgotten Farm. Be safe.

  5. Oh Lori, your poor little Donkey...he looks so sad - sometimes they just don't know what is good for them do they...Oh I could cuddle him so easy!

    And then there's Buddy...poor little (big) guy...I feel for him. Our son/wife had a dog that feared storms.

    What a horrible thing to have happen to those kids. These people who do this are so worthless!


  6. Sweet Buddy and Pinocchio.
    I think that's low to steal from

  7. your poor baby dog looks so sad up there on that wood pile. I saw a jacket they put on dogs during storms to comfort them, but your big guy looks like it wouldn't fit him.

  8. silly donkey and know exactly what buddy feels ....
    and I hope they catch the thief ... love mouse xxxxx

  9. Oh my word Lori!!

    Some people, I tell ya!!!

    Hope they catch the person steeling from kids for pete sake!!

    Hope you are all staying cozy and your donkey starts craving some sweets soon!!!

    Take care my friends,

  10. Such a sign of the times to have so many robberies happening...and to steal from kids on a school bus...geesh! I can relate to your daughter's is such a violation. Hope they catch them!
    Sweet doggie!

  11. Lori loved seeing the pics of your animals! I too have a Pyrenees that is called Buddy too.LOL! Aren't they such loveable big teddy bears?
    Sorry about the trouble on the bus,sure hope they catch the thief.Hugs,Jen

  12. Enjoyed your animal pics...especially Buddy on the wood pile. He's a beautiful dog.

  13. We always love to see and hear about our friends at Notforgotten Farm! Poor Nocchio! We can just see Buddy and Nocchio inside with you.

    What a bummer for the band kids!! Lets hope the bad karma comes around and bites the creep in the a**!

  14. Oohhh - I don't know who I feel more sorry for - Nocchi or Buddy.....Maybe Nocchi - those eyes...those incredibly sad eyes. (Sure you don't have room in the house for him?) ;o) Sorry to hear about the bus incident....what slime. And I know how Hannah feels - when we parked our vehicle at an airport once, someone broke into it, and it was one of the longest 4-hr rides home I ever had. I didn't even want to SIT in it. Hope, too, the cameras were rolling. Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  15. yours "Patou des Pyrennées " is really so friendly ans beautiful !
    One of my brothers have one to in Ariège France .. it like mountain life , snow and peaceful moment !


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