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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Household Chores...

I don't mind doing daily chores or housework...
in fact, there are those that I favor over others.

I don't necessarily enjoy scrubbing the toidy, tub or sinks...
nor am I doing the happy-dance while I clean the kitty boxes (all three of them)
BUT I don't mind dusting ~that just means I've been cutting wool!

and I don't mind doing the wash...
especially when it means folding & fondling wool!!

i love to stack it, by value into tidy piles like this ~
and carry it back into the shop where I'll display it for you to add to your projects.

Yesterday I washed & dried the neautrals ~
all fluffed up and waiting for your hungry hook!
today I'm onto the reds, blacks, browns & blues....
*oh my*

See that wool above?
the wool in the middle/right? THAT is Rebecca's new Boucle' wool
that is reversible and heavenly ~ I saw it on her table at rug fest last weekend
and she assured me I would be taking some home for my customers...
I can't wait to use it will make for a perfect hooked sheep or three!!!

I will take a picture of all of it displayed in the shop so you can drool, um...
...I mean see it for yourself...
better yet, c'mon in and see it for yourself!
blessings from the farm,



  1. I gotta say . . . your laundry looks like a lot more fun than mine :)

  2. Oh how lovely ..If only I lived closer ..
    Hope you will still have some on the 14th ..I am saving my pennies

  3. Yeah, your laundry looks alot more fun than mine!
    The nearest shop with a good supply of wools is an hour!

  4. Oh my Lori all that wonderful wool!
    I am with you on most house work... see that" toidy" I heranted my first disc in my back many years back cleaning one...SO I say not only does house work make you "ulgy"...LOL... it hurts, and there is no workmen's comp for that! Enjoy! OLM
    I am off to do 2 boys laundry basekts...since they always forget to do it...UGH... at 24 & almost 22... they are spoiled!

  5. I love the reward of beautiful folded wool to sit and stare at after a "hard" day of washing and tearing and folding! LOL! Do you save the wool lint from the dryer? It makes wonderful stuffing and felting material!!
    Cathy G

  6. Love your new header pics! That pea hen is one gorgeous bird and your sheep looks so sweet natured.
    Your wool is yummy!

  7. i DO save my dryer lint...there's SO much of it that I can stuff a whole lot with it! ~ L

  8. I like your kind of housework, Lori! ;)


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