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Thursday, February 23, 2012

...Let's go for a WALK!!!!!

"c'mon Buddy!!! let's go! ~ you are such a lollygagger...."
"yeah, yeah...I'm comin'...your legs are shorter than mine."
"quit complaining....it's a beautiful day and Mom & Dad are WAAYYYY ahead of us!"

"Hey...there's Pinocchio & Daisy, and those pesky Guinea hens...don't let them get ahead of us!"
"...this isn't a race, Lazy, it's just a nice walk...."

"Buddy, what is that blue thing poking out of the ground?"
"hmmm... I don't know...Mom will know though...*sniff *sniff*"

"...and there...another blue thing....

"...and another!!!! Grrrrrrrrr..."

"no TINKLING on that, Lazy...you are such a TINKLER!!!"
"but.....oh allright."

"what a nice view of our house, huh Buddy?
...Mom & Dad are so lucky, their doghouse is so BIG!"

"uh huh...alot bigger than ours is...but I love our doghouse too..."
"me too... *pant *pant*..."

"is this what our people call the Pump House???"
"ummmm...I think so, why?"
"...'cause I don't want to sound stupid. BARK!"

"can I tinkle on it?"
"really Lazy????"
"....oh, alright...you're such a party-pooper...well a pooper for sure."
"not funny."

"sniff sniff...smells like Spring is coming soon ~ but when I eat this I throw up."
"then don't eat it."

"hey, look who's lookin' at us...he's always lookin' at us."
"oh stop...he's just a ram. he is jealous of us."
"really?...cool...hey RAM!!!! look at us walking!!! and watch me tinkle on this..."

"and WHAT is up with Daisy?...she's one crazy donkey-girl..."
"I dunno...she seems a bit off to me, but Mom & Dad love her so I guess she's ok."

("shhh...that RAM went & got his Momma...do you think he really heard me??")
"Lazy...you really have a complex about those sheep. They aren't here to bother you..."
("I'm not so sure of that Buddy...they look suspicious to me...do they eat kibble?")
"what a pathetic sot that Donkey is...you'd think he would have more dignity..."
"oh please, I've seen you beg for toast-crust."

"look, Daisy is spying on us again...can't we just have a peaceful walk alone with Mom & Dad?"
"Lazy, you have to share them...Mom & Dad love ALL of us here on the farm equally...well, MAYBE they love us a little bit more?"
"Ok...we're almost back home now...there's the sign that Lee & Robin painted for us..."
"yepper, almost back. home."

"ya know Buddy, we have a great life...people who love us, lots of animal friends, and folks are always coming by Mom's shop with bones & treats for us...life is good, no?"
"Yes, Lazy...Life Is Good. *YAWN*"
"c'mon...pick up the pace there..."
"I have to tinkle again."
"really?...ok, I'll wait for you, my friend..."
"ok...all done...*sniff Sniff*...what's THAT I smell?"

"That would be you ~ how many times have I told you not to roll in that stuff?"
"HOME at last...did you enjoy your walk Lazy?"
~ blessings from the farm,


Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

I loved your blog today - not that I don't love all of them but this one was especially sweet - with the animals. Those two dogs of yours have some very interesting conversations when they take a walk - thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk with you today! I loved following along with all of you!
And I'm so glad your blog background is back to white! When it is black, I can't read it! I spent some time yesterday catching up on the posts and pictures I've been missing - and what fun I had doing it!

Linda in VA

cucki said...

very sweet post deary..i love it so much..
beautiful pictures..
have a lovely weekend xx

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Lori:
I really like your blog header. It was fun reading along from the dog's perspective.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Thanks for taking us out on your walk! We got over 6inches of snow today here... Finally a touch of winter...but it won't last long.. OLM

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Lori~
Very relaxing walk~ beautiful scenery, adorable animals,pretty buildings~ awe just a bit of heaven where you live~ thanks so much to the pooches for taking us along~very enjoyable~

jan said...

This was a very fun post. I enjoyed smiling my way through your walk. ... jan

from me to thee......... said...

Thank you Lori for that walk, I loved it!!!! What a beautiful farmhouse and property you have, oh yes and animals too!!!

Jane said...

What a wonderful walk with the friends of Notforgotten Farm!! It was so nice to see all of you last weekend.

Prims By The Water said...

Take care, JaniceLoved the walking tour through the eyes and mouth of your dogs...wish Spring was here in Michigan.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

That was fun...and yes Life is Good at Notforgotten Farm!

MoonBeam said...

That was a fun/funny walk!

TheCrankyCrow said...


I always wondered what they say! ;o) Robin

Anonymous said...

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