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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Arrives....?

it's warm & snug in the old farmhouse,
and you can see Iggy in his comfy bed-upon-chair...
but we woke up to this:

...a "touch" of Winter ~
~ Frozen Nandina Berries ~
...can you hear them crackle in the breeze?
~ Cardinal in the Butterfly Bush ~
icicles on the flag pole...
~ drip drip drip ~
and poor Pinnochio...
looks like he's trapped in a cage of ice ~
actually, "nocchi" loves this weather,
as does miss daisy...they are both sporting their winter woolies ~
I love when they get shaggy like this...they're so cute!

and speaking of cute,
nocchi has been chasing daisy around their paddock for two days now...
UM...with a green garden hose in his mouth.
(Peter gives them 'toys' like a picec of old green garden hose,
a slice of old rubber mat, and an old hoola-hoop)
they have 'real' toys too, like an equine excersize ball and other more expensive things,
like typical children, they prefer the box to the toys..
and, believe me when I tell you I've been out there 3 times
with my camera to snap a pic of the no avail.
as soon as big-boy sees me witht he camera,
he drops the hose & stands there looking at me like...
of course, miss daisy is screaming at me:
"did you SEE that Mom? did you see him chase me with that THING?"
(yes, my donkeys talk to me.)
So, if I can snap a pic of the fiasco, I will.
you will laugh your ass off.
(pun intended folks.)
Have a *SPARKLING* ice-y sugar coated day!
be safe & stay warm...
blessings from the farm,


  1. Hi, Lori~ cozy inside photo~ cold & beautiful outside pics~ Pinnochio is so cute~ sounds like my Beefy they love cold, rain, & snow~
    thanks for sharing the beauty~

  2. Wonderful pics and glad Pinnochio enjoys a cold winters day! Glad your test results came back fine.

  3. Oh how fun your critters must be!! I am smiling wide at this story. You have ice...we have snow. But it's pretty and I can stay in and spin wool! Rather nice, I'd say!

  4. I love the look of your family room, so cozy and inviting. Did you make the braided rug?

  5. Nice pix and funny donkey stories!

  6. Loved reading about the fun your Pinocchio and Miss Daisy are giving you. Your home looks so inviting. Thanks for t he smile! Blessings back to you!

  7. Oh, that's going to be funny when you get those pictures.
    Glad Iggy is nice and comfy.

  8. Stay comfy and warm, We are recovering from snow and ice here in Washington State. Hugs Mary

  9. brrr it does look cold and I have the same problem trying to take photos of my new furbaby too ... he senses it love mouse xxxxx

  10. Looks like Sir Iggy has the best seat in the house....Lucky fur guy. What a warm and inviting space you've created inside your home....Would love to see the "horse" play going on outside though....Do try to capture Nocchi in the act though.....Wishing you a bliss-filled weekend...Stay warm...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. hello dear, very cozy room..
    sweet pictures..
    big warm hugs xx

  12. How funny! My equines are also feeling frisky these days. No ice here, but lots of rain in South Carolina. Have fun watching your critters! =)

  13. Love the coziness of an old farmhouse..the equnies look quite happy. Take care and stay warm..we had 4 inches of snow here on Saturday in Michigan and now Monday it is suppose to get up to the 50's and rain again...we have had such a strange Winter here. Janice


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