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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words...

Hello Friends & Folk!

I'm here is Connecticut ~
the drive up (approx. 8 hrs) was wonderful...
as I was driving It was a beautiful October day, blue skies & warm afternoons...
the drive brought me through VA, West VA, Maryland, Pennsy., Nj, Ny & finally CT...
each state has it's own rate of change for Autumn colors and the further North I headed, the more color of course...

I have my camera with me, and have snapped lots of pics, but my Mom's computer is an 'oldie' and doesn't have a card reader, so I can't download pics till I get home ~
here is what I'm experiencing on my daily journies and walks :

~stately OLD saltboxes lined up neatly on oak & elm tree lined streets ~
~winding rock walls that meander through fields of golden grasses~
~wild geese honking overhead~
~crisp white church steeples pointing to the heavens against azure-blue skies~
~trees on fire with the blush of Mother Nature ~

~the tang of woodsmoke hovering in the air~
~crunching leaves underfoot as I walk through the town green~
~pumpkins, cornstalks & decorations of every medium on porches to greet the Harvest~
~ clear ponds sprinkled with gemstoned hued fallen leaves ~
~ apple stands ~
~ saltwater breezes with a touch of summer still lingering ~

and so much more...
...my family & I are enjoy each other's companies ~
it's so strange to be 'home', but so comforting too...
I feel welcomed & loved, safe in my Mom's warm home.

I'll chime in again soon ~

blessings from the farm,
(well, from CT right now!!)


cucki said...

hello dear,
ohh your journey sound so lovely..cant wait to see the pictures but you have a lovely time with your mom..and give her please my hi..tell her cucki is saying hello far way from south africa..
keep well dear xx

cindy said...

lori, with you beautiful descriptions, who needs pictures.... sound wonderful, wish i was there!!! cindy

TheCrankyCrow said...

You are more than articulate sans camera....and wishing I could be there... ;o) Enjoy....Smiles & Homecoming Hugs ~ Robin

Jane said...

Love the picture of my buddies - Pinocchio and Daisy and your wonderful descriptions of your travels. It seems like the trees have changed color overnight, here. Enjoy all those lovely sights and have a safe trip!

From Sherry's Heart said...

Wish SO much that I were with you!!! Tell Mom, The Queen says HI and hope she's doing well!!!

MoonBeam said...

Your descriptions are a beautiful tease. Can't wait to see your photos. Autumn is my favorite and New England in autumn is the ultimate for me. Have fun.


P.J. said...

Oh October! We've had a fabulous autumn color up here in Maine. I bet your trip back will beautiful as thecolormoves south.

Allison said...

Your words were pretty descriptive. I'd loved to see the east coast in the fall! Sounds like you are having a fun time. Our computer crashed and I'm borrowing one that doesn't have a card reader, I haven't updated my blog for awhile and have a lot of pictures.

frontporchprims said...

Sounds just breathtaking. A bit like poetry. Can't wait to see your pictures. Continue having a great time.

Carrie said...

I can't image a better way to travel. Enjoy it. ~Carrie

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