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Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Favorite Chair ~

This is my favorite chair.
it's the one I sink down into on chilly nights ~
to read, hook, stitch...


this is my favorite kitten.
he's the one that follows me, "kneeds" me and thinks I'm his mother...


This is what happens when favorite chair & favorite kitten meet:
shredded cloth & spewing stuffing...


and this is how I'll fix my favorite chair.
with needle and thread,
some old linen cloth and elbow grease ~

{{ it helps to have a big curved needle, too.}}
a TRUE make-do in my eyes ~
I'll not part with chair nor kitten, so this is plan B

I'll share the finished repair soon!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of my
Simplifying phase...

I have three big boxes ready to go ~
Keep, Toss, Donate

we'll see how good I can do...

Have a beautiful Autumn Sunday my Friends!

blessings from the farm,



Sue said...

I am anxious to see the finished repair too.

I have a hard time parting with certain things, but I am in the simplifying mood these days too. I've come to realize that less really can be more :)

cucki said...

happy sunday dear,
i love your fav chair and your fav kitten:)
have a lovely sunday and happy mending xx

Faye said...

Cleaning out is always hard for me! I bet you have beautiful things you may not want to part with either....Good luck and like the repair job! Its a perfect answer!

Loved the prev post about the "king and queen" btw...I know you are oh so proud and you should be!

Take care and enjoy this gorgeous weather we are now having... Faye

Penny said...

I have a couple of shredded chairs here, too, from a certain little someone.....
I like your idea for mending! I'll have to give it a try!

Congrats to the king and queen, and to you, "Queen Mother!"

A Quilter Awakens said...

I totally get your need for repair. Joey and Kitten have "aged" our furniture too. Hubby used duct tape on his 20 year old leather chair. I am sure your repair will be so much better to look at. Karmen

A Fine Farmhouse said...

Ahhhh ! I have the same touches from my sweet babies on a favorite chair AND a loveseat. I've thought many times how I needed to patch them like this... now I know that it is okay :-) Makin do....is what I know best !

Penny said...

I guess if you have cats, you will have furniture that looks like that. :) That's a great way to mend the damage.

Cindy Lu said...

Oh my goodness your poor chair. Im sure you will have it looking great with your repairs. I really enjoyed my visit with you,Felecia and Joan yesterday. I hope you have a great week.

Lynn D said...

I bought some kitten/cat repellant at Petco that, so far, is working great with my two cats. It has an odd smell, but you only smell it for a few minutes. It is safe for the cats.

Iggy is growing up so fast. He looks a bit like my Rupert. I suspect that if he is anything like my Rupert... that you've already totally lost your heart to him.

TheCrankyCrow said...


But loving the repair idea!!!

Happy stitching! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

kelley said...

note to self...buy curved needle and more cat toys...

Rhonda said...

Your chair looks so inviting. I bet those chair repairs will look really make-do. I can't wait to see the finished chair. You're so resourceful.

Happy Sunday

DianeM said...

Uh oh....well, at least it's on the back of the chair. I'm sure your repair will turn out fabulous :)
Smiles, DianeM

Judy said...

Get a scratching post, FAST!! I have 2 cats and they never scratch the furniture, only the post. Makes life with kitties so much easier.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Lori, I am most anxious to see how the repair comes out, since I have a shredded
coach back. The scratching posts have
collected dust, I guess the cats get a
lot more pleasure out of tearing the
furniture. My daughter's cats don't scratch at anything, or jump on counters
or tables. I went wrong somewhere with
our two!
Warm Regards,

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I so need to 'simplify' but it's hard to start. I'll be interested to hear how yours goes... and where you start!

Melissa said...

Your chair looks like my couch! I plan to take apart a throw pillow that came with couch to patch it up. It was a yard sale buy so I'm not too worried about the make do repair. I didn't like those pillows anyway. Parting with the cat(s) not going to happen. Love my furbabies!

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