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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holly & Mistletoe...Already???

I know, i know...believe me, I KNOW!!!!
I realize it's not yet Hallowe'en...
but being a designer & folk artist, I have to be ahead of things...
I am in the throes of Holiday Merry Making here in my little studio!!!!
plus, all of the magazines out are Holiday themed, and well,
I guess I just have lots of Christmas Spirit this year, so I'm running with it!

Usually around the last week of October,
I get a hankering to create with mohair.

I love to offer a few one of a kind bears for the Holiday Season!!!
the red bear below is one that is in a private collection ~

her mohair was hand dyed (by me) in a 'cinnamon red-hot' color that I love to use!

I gathered some mohair fabric and got out my dye pots ~
I want to make a couple "green-ish" colored bears
reminiscent of Holly and Mistletoe leaves...
in the snap below, you can see the light colored mohair I began with,...
a gold color on a brown backing:

I used Cushing's Khaki Drab acid dye
and got this result ~

one piece of mohair has a longer pile than the other,
...so that's why it came out lighter than the other ~
the pic above was taken outdoors in natural light,
the one below was taken indoors.

in the snap above, you can really see the mottling effect it has...
just perfect for a primsical Yuletide character!!

I will have a few bears & friends for my Christmas Open House on Nov. 26th,
my picturetrail update on Nov. 27th,
and for the O'l Time Christmas Show on Dec. 2nd & 3rd
(see "SHOWS" link at the top of this blog.)

How many of you have worked with mohair?
I was scared to death to work with it at first, being that it's SO expensive...
but, when you really want quality materials for your folk art,
NO OTHER fabric will do...
I have been bitten by the Wool Bug & the Mohair Bug!

I'll post pics of my work in progress soon ~
hoping you all have a wonderfully creative end-of-October day!!!

blessings from the farm,



Laura said...

Good Morning, as usual I started my morning with you. I am not cyber stalking,,,,, I just really enjoy your thoughts and pictures. I love today's post and wondered if you have any hints about working with mohair, I too am a little nervous about trying it but I just have an urge to try it. I also don't have any place local to purchase and wondered if you had any suggestions about a reputable place to purchase supplies for these creatures that are speaking to me. Thanks again for starting my day with a smile.

cucki said...

hello dear, i worked with the mohair some time ago.. and i made two sweet teddies with them..lovely to work with..
enjoy your time and have a lovely fun day xxx

frontporchprims said...

Merry Christams!!! Can't wait to see your bears. Good luck. -Steph-

jennifer768 said...

Can't wait to see your bears!Hugs,Jen

TheCrankyCrow said...

Gorgeous coloring Lori - can't wait to see what it becomes!! I've worked with mohair - I've made several little teddies - and it is challenging - cutting so you don't "shave" it; stitching by hand so you don't mat it, etc. But nothing in this world like it....(although I am fondly addicted to wool as well...) Would never have the courage to dye mohair tho....nopers, not moi.....Have a wonderful Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Beckyjean said...

Beautiful mohair!!

Enjoy your creating~Becky

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