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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~ September's Palette ~

All around me are

the colors of September...

changes are occuring, some not yet clearly evident ~
but simply subtle.

The days are still warm and call for tee shirts & shorts
but the nights are beginning to get cooler, causing me to don a sweater perhaps...

this time of year I love to gather my palette to include
what Mother Nature is wearing:

beautiful wools in every color of the rainbow ~

I purchased this collection of wools from

...a view up and into one of my Black Walnut Trees ~
heavily laden with nuts once again this year...
I love to look up into the trees...the yellow-ing leaves look like lace against the sky.


Needlefelting is another favorite hobby of mine,
here are a few little wool-balls that will become acorns ~
...aren't the colors delicious?


Atiny little Bumbler Bee working diligently
...to harvest the last of the nectar from the
wild flowers in our woods....
I love to watch them flit so busily ~
and that yellow is so pretty!


and of course, my pencils ~
the ones I turn to time and again
to add little doodles and sketches in my notebooks ~

here are my favorite colors right now:


Today I will be taking a ME day.
I will create to my heart's content...not worrying about deadlines, bills or chores...
I will find myself walking through our woods searching for inspiration
to fill my mind with wonderful things-to-come and relax in the knowing that
everything is a blessing....

Hoping you all have a
*SPARKLING* day!!!!

Blessings from the Farm,


cucki said...

hello dear, lovely colors all around..i love them myself too..
keep well and have a lovely day xx

Penny said...

What beautiful wool. Love the names of your favorite colors-they sound fall like. Enjoy your me day, we all need one of those every now and again!

NMK said...

The colors of your wool are Beautiful !!! They look so nice just stacked neatly & The Old Tattered Flag web site & blog was Fun to visit ..... I just want to create things for ME....how bad is that ...I have so many orders to fill, but just want to play !!!!

Back to painting here.....

TheCrankyCrow said...

Gorgeous, sumptuous, wool....I wanna bury my face in it and smell its richness....Hope you're enjoying your you time....you deserve it.....Smiles & Autumn Hugs ~ Robin

April Mechelle said...

Beautiful Pictures Lori ! Glad you are enjoying your Me time..

from me to thee......... said...

the color of those wool pieces are yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trillium said...

That is a magnificent black walnut and you are fortunate to have it.

The wools are such lovely colors.

Susan said...

Beautiful wool colors.
Warm Regards, Susan B., Western MA

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