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Saturday, September 10, 2011

In my Etsy Shop ~

I'm trying,.....

I REALLY am....

to get things finished for my Etsy shop. Ebay, Early Work Mercantile,
the show a week from today ~


for now,
I have this....

please visit my etsy shop
to see my offerings....

I really do have MORE finished things in the works ~

but at the moment I am working diligently on getting ready for the SHOW this coming Saturday.
So far I have the trunk shows for:

Homespun Elegance
Primitive Bettys
Carriage House Samplings
Heartstrings Samplery

(just waiting for Cardan Antiques)
I worked in the shop today, with the help of Miss Flea, Miss Joan & my sweet Friend Jane ~
I have many more days to complete, and I can't ait to show you
the pics of the Needlework Trunk Show!!!

I am tired,...I am stressed.
and I haven't mentioned before that my Sweet Hubby Peter
lost his Job in May....so that in itself lends to oh.so.much.more. stress.

BUT we will be ok...we will survive.

as long as I have Sweet friends like YOU I will be okeedokee!!


there are SO many more of us that are in worse situations....
I am sending up thoughts for all of us!


keep those that lost their lives, the families of those lost, of the post 9/11 catastrophe
and our
Ever-Lost Government
in your thoughts this weekend, especially....

Blessings from the Farm...


TheCrankyCrow said...

Breathe, dear child, BREATHE!! It's gonna be ok - and the show will be a smashing hit!!! So sorry to hear of Peter's job situation - I know, very well and first hand, how life altering it is. But for that little snafoo, I'd be snapping up each and every one of your adorable new Etsy offerings. They are truly adorable.... Wishing you productive, happy, days....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Cindy said...

Hang on. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Hope to be able to visit next Saturday for your gathering.

jonette said...

I am so excited about coming to the show! Please don't stress, it will be great! So sorry about your husband losing his job. Maybe this will lead to something even better.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Love all your wonderful creations. Creating can take the stress away. I hope only the best for you and your DH. Hopefully there is the perfect job out there just waiting for him.
Keep smiling.

Jane said...

As always, it was so great to see you today. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers. It will all come together!

Maria said...

With the amazing amount of positive energy that you all put out into the world... just know that it WILL come back to you! Sending even more good ((((vibes))) your way! : ) ~Maria

primitivebettys said...

Oh sweet friend... breathe! We love you & all you do. Hang in there! I sure wish I could come help you, but it sounds like you have some great helpers nearby. :) Everything will turn out just as you have planned & probably better.

Hugs!!! :)

cucki said...

i am a big lover of all your creations..
all my prayers are with you my dear sweet friend xx

Cinlyn said...

I know the feeling...we've had some major changes, too, over the past few months. Hang in there...it will all work out!
Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers!

Your show will be amazing...as always! Just wish I could be there!

missthesea said...

I love your creations, they are so neat! Good luck getting Etsy going.. I've had an account for years but never make it to posting anything since I seem to gift everything away. :) Good luck!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Your work is just amazing~ you have so much talent~
Do not stress the show will go perfectly~ how could it not with you magic creativity!!
So sorry Hubby lost his job~ been there~ not easy~ Hang in there it will all work out~ something good will come out of it, It did for me~
Hugs to you~

Gathering Threads said...

On this sad day, may we all remember what we lost, and what we've overcome. Never forget.

Lori, everything will be fine, you are such a strong person, I think you are in the "last week rush" as we are all before the show. You always do such a fantastic job, RELAX!!! And Peter will have a job, don't worry, he's not alone out there.

A big Hug to you. See ya Friday.


frontporchprims said...

Things will get better. Even if it's just the small stuff. It's always a crazy time of year. Just keep on plugging away at your beautiful creations. -Steph-

Evette said...

Hi Lori,
My husband has been out of work for almost two years! I would have thought we couldn't last two months. Somehow the universe provides. Also, it's amazing what you can cook with an egg! Hang in there, you are amazing and talented, it will work out.

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