Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
visit our Etsy Shop by clicking on any one of the thumbnail photos below or going to

Sunday, July 31, 2011

a quiet Sunday ~

I love waking up on Sunday mornings,

knowing that i never really 'have' anything to do...

it's the day of the week that I usually just go-along with ~
doing whatever I want to do
(aside from our grocery shopping).

so this morning,
i took my camera and got his snap of our Guinea hens
under the Hibiscus bush:

I love my guinees....their polka-dot costumes and weird,
prehistoric horns on their heads make me chuckle...

and here are some more of my black-eyed suzies....

and my most favorite black-eyed Suzy of them all!!!

see how she helps hold down my paperwork in the stream of the fan?
such a helpful old girl...
here is a sneak-peek at one of tomorrow's offerings on
Early Work Mercantile ~

well, after a weekend of stress,
I decided to rearrange the shop yesterday,
much to the chagrin of Miss Flea & Miss Joan....

(i swear, you two...that was NOT planned!)

and with their help have the shop almost ready for
Stacy Nash to come teach on the 13th of August....

So, I will putz around in there again today,
or maybe not...
maybe I'll go antiquing, or maybe not....

perhaps I'll start a new sampler?

or maybe not....

I Love Sundays.

Blessings from the Farm...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

a new day ~

I want to thank you all for your recent comments on the last post I made....
it surely is enlightening that we (sometimes) expericence the same thing....

from now on, I promise not to burgeon you about seemingly negative things...

I truly do understand that we all experience bad karma in some way or another...


please know that I will
NEVER again
release such negative energy to you all...

SO, with that saying,...
I changed my blog from dark to light (& I reeeeeeally need to keep it there)
and will, from now on, continue to focus on GOOD.

That is the advice i;ve gleened from you all and will head to it.

may we ALL be blessed with:

Good Friends
(next door or a thousand miles away...)
Good Food!
(I'm fat & I'm Happy & my Hubby LOVES me!)

Good Views
(seriously, go look out your back door & tell me that where you are isn't beautiful ~
it's not>???? then MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL!!!)
Good Thoughts
(really...think about it....if you're in a bad mood, and perhaps something creeps into your mind about how you could have done something, this way, that way or the other...)

CHALK IT UP & learn from it!!!

I am SO not saying anything new here friends...

you know what to do....

BE the change you want to see in the world,

Practice random act of Kindness,


remember to thank the STARS~
for putting you

my kharma just ran over your DOGMA!

(((Look It Up)))

Blessings will fall on the positive ~
I can't tell you what will fall on the Negative...

but I do know...


"...shit runs downhill..."

I live on the about you???

Blessings from the Farm...


p.s. ok...that was just me, again.
I don't wish to offend anyone ~

...I'm Just Sayin........

sorry to swear.

P.S.S. If I could I would hand deliver all of your orders...

I would harness -up old Pinocchio & off we would clop...

down the dusty roads to your house ~
THAT might take longer than the USPS,
I'd be sure to know where your packages ended up....
PLUS, maybe we could sit & stitch a while
before I headed back home to Notforgotten Farm ~


such a simple life...

Thursday, July 28, 2011


This will not be a pretty post...

no glossy photos, no sweet words.
I am going to vent a bit.

ok, now, for those that are still with me,
do I come across as a liar?
I really hope not,
because I'm not.

here's the deal....
do you remember when I made those little wooden pendants
from wood and prints of my work and sold them
(thanks so much) in my etsy shop?
well I have had a heck of a time trying to figure out where the whole batch has ended up.

when I first shipped them out, I went to my local, very rural
(read: Mayberry here folks, they close for an hour & a 1/2 for lunch each day,
... and is run by two old women)
the one woman weighed one of them, and marked it as .44 cents.
I didn't agree with her, saying that they were 'fat', being the pendants were wrapped in tissue and bubblewrap, although they were very light in weight...ohm she assured me they were fine.
2 days later, I received in my mailbox, 16 small packages, wrapped in a rubberband, with a sticker that read
Insufficient Funds
on the top package...
I was mad as a hornet, and went back to the post office..NOT the same one I had preciously gone to, but a more busy, more staffed & technologically advanced post office where I had told the girl what had happened and she then promptly weighed & measured them, and they ended up to be
1.50 each (I charged 2.50 for postage & handling.)
and off they I thought.

I received the first email from a customer saying they had not received theirs,
& I had mentioned to them the first post office incident.,..hoping they would understand.
they did, and all was, for about another day.

THEN I received 5 or so emails, asking when I had, I again told the fact of the mishap in Mayberry...and asked them to please let me know when their package arrived.

a couple of days after that, I did receive emails from some saying that theirs were delivered, but the packages were damaged. I was not happy about that & again, contacted the post office, this time, speaking with our postmaster,...she said she couldn't track them, as I didn't add a confirmation or tracking number to them when they went out.
SO, I did what I though was the right thing, and contacted the folks who had purchased the paendants and offered either a refund or credit for a pattern, etc.

I even posted here on my blog about this whole mess
(that, BTW, has caused me much stress)
asking to notify me of those pendants not delivered.

ok, long story shortened & on to the liar part...

I take great care to ship in a timely manner...
I packaged carefully, and really work hard to do the right thing for my customers...
and remember, I too order from esty, ebay & other websites
and expect the same service as you.

I have received an email from a disgruntled customer
((after offering her monies back, she accepted a pattern in return
for the refund, and the pattern was promptly shipped out to her address given))

now she's saying that she 'doesn't buy' my post office story,
has three friends that say they have had problems with my orders
(news to me)
and even went so far as to threaten to contact the Better Business Bureau ~

I love what I do..
I put my heart & soul blood, sweat & tears into my work
never become rich from making patterns, dolls or anything else and that's ok...
my reward is knowing that I have made friends and customers from doing what I do.

I am not one that vents too often,
as you can see by reading my blog, I try to keep on the bright side of the street...
there's way too much snarky-ness and negativity on this world for me.

I truly appreciate the time you spend here,
the words you use to uplift me to keep me going on
I truly do value you all.

now, I'm going to go drown my sorrows
in a humongous bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
(hey it's better than eating worms)

Blessings from the Farm...

I apologize for the long post,
but thought in this case that details would help you better understand...
hope I haven't offended or insulted anyone, that was not my intent for this post ~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh boy.....

Have you received your new issue of
Primitive Quilts and Projects
magazine yet?

the postman handed me mine yesterday....

and like I don't have too many wip's and ufo's floating around my sewing room
(read: HOUSE)
NOW I want to make every last project in this issue!

here's a sneaky-peek at mine:

yes, it is a Fall issue,
packed with crows, pumpkins, vines and
those wonderfully-drab colors that we love so much....

so why, do you ask, did I decide to design a
for the Fall issue?

well, at the time I was designing it,
it was Spring, and I really was looking forward to Summer in all it's glory....
so a patriotic mermaid, rolling waves and a sailboat came to mind...

(((right now I want to hop into that sailboat,
harness that mermaid and sail over those rolling waves to

a land of perpetual autumn!!!))

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

If you would like to purchase a copy I have some available ~
just email me at
they are $9.99 + shipping....

I will be cleaning this old farmhouse today...
I have an electric floor-scrubber and these old wood floors surely need a scrubbing...
I'm an old-fashioned girl,
I will not scrub floors by hand anymore!

Hoping you all have a wonderfully creative day!!!

Blessings from the Farm...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Company ~

...I'm glad to know that so many of you are stitching on
Autumn & Winter designs...

I consider myself in good company then.

a couple of snaps of Mary Snow's Sewing Pocket progress...

and speaking of good company,
I am never alone...

I am always accompanied by someone wearing fur pyjamas ~

and smiling faces...

my glory was I had such Friends! thanks to all who have joined my

we are close to 400 members now!
...can't wait for the Autumn Stitchers Challenge

Blessings from the Farm...

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Stitcher's Challenge ~

Sharpen your Needles!!

the Samplermakers' Group is holding a Challenge!
Jennie Lynn from has come up with an

Autumn Stitcher's Challenge

for the members of


you're not a member of Samplermakers?

well, dearie....send me an email & I will gladly send you an invite!

(only Samplermaker members can play!!)

Blessings from the Farm...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I know,...i know....

I'm rushing things, I know...


the heat has me crazy...
all I want to do is think about this ~

and this:

...and, this:

here it is, not even August ~
I'm stitching Winter designs,
and dreaming of Autumn...

((am I alone in my madness?))

...or are there others out there
feeling that familiar *twinge*
same as I am?

I guess the new issue of
Country Sampler magazine
hasn't helped me one bit either...
it's chock-ful of wonderful
Fallish decorating ideas....

and something about all of the wonderful primitives
and good antiques at yesterday's show
has whet my appetite for old, true & right things...of Autumn-like hues:
calicos of blue & brown

corn brooms
wallpaper boxes
worn dolls...

I will be making a commitment to myself
to only bring into this farmhouse what I truly love...
added with touches of nature
will keep me in the midst of a perpetual Autumn,
... me thinks.

and I will leave you with this favorite quote:

"Delicious Autumn!
My very Soul is wedded to it....
and if I were a bird,
I would fly about the Earth
seeking the successive Autumns!"
~George Eliot

Blessings from the Farm...

A Peek ~

....a little snippet of my new
Christmas Adam & Christmas Eve

did you notice the peppermint-striped serpent?

Miss Flea (Felicia) stitched this one up in record time...
her stitches are impeccable
(I secretly despise her...kidding)
the Gentle Art threads chosen were perfect for this understated design, I think.
& the linen is 40ct (stitched over 2) Natural Brown from Wichelt ~

now she's working on my
Sledding in Connecticut Virginia Beach!
I know I said I would work it, but ~
...well she just does such a great job!!

The Summer in the Valley show yesterday was AWESOME!
my thanks to so many who dared to gather in my crowded little booth!!!!
I loved talking with you all, putting faces to names and chatting with you... really are the reason I love doing what I do!
of COURSE I brought my camera...why do you ask? pictures?
Joan & I were so busy that we plumb forgot...
Joan, you were thee best help to me and I am forever grateful.
I treasure our friendship!
Donna & Linda put on a great much hard work surely pays off!!

Well folks, I will begin unpacking the van today ~
have to go grocery shopping and do laundry...
then it's back to stitching on
Mary Snow's Sewing Pocket!!

Blessings from the Farm...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mary Snow ~

Stitching on Mary Snow's Sewin Pocket....
dreaming of cooler weather!!

today, tomorrow & saturday will reach 100 degress,
with the heat indexes feeling about 106-110...

I just don't do well in this heat...I have a tendancy to pass out in it.
(oh, YAY.)

never have been good with heat...
I guess my Northern blood still isn't used to this Southern heat!

Tomorrow we set up for Saturday's
Summer in the Valley Show ~
it will be a scorcher, for sure....
but looking forward to seeing old & new friends
and wonderful primitive things!!!!

be careful out there today....

and hopefully will see some of you Saturday!

Blessings from the Farm...


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Iggy Picks a Winner!!!!!

After a morning-ful of mischief...


untying the diningroom chairpads,

attacking monster feet and a little ankle-biting...

and playing the carboard-box bongo's...

the "Ig-meister"
His pick for my drawing giveaway
(Harvest Pickin's Pinkeep KIT)
{{{Bongo-drum-roll please.......}}}}

Mary Joan

congrats Mary Joan! I will ship your kit out for you this week!

my thanks to all 124 of you who left a comment on my giveaway was the largest crowd i've had yet for a giveaway!!! thanks to all the new followers too.....

and, you may be wondering why every picture of Iggy is blurry?
well...trying to get a clear shot of him is like
trying to
nail Jell-O to a Tree...
it just doesn't happen....he's always on the move!
which leads me to say, that he will be going today at 10 am to be neutered...
maybe while he's recuperating I can get a still-shot of him!!

PLEASE please be careful out there in the heat today my friends...
I know we are all suffering through it and PLEASE remember to leave a fresh bowl or bucket of water out for our wild-friends....

Blessings from the Farm...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simple Blessings ~

Look at this beautiful bounty from my sweet neighbors ~

fresh corn (which I helped shuck, thankyouverymuch) so I earned them...
yellow squash, cucumbers and vine-ripened tomatoes


here are the threads and linen for:

Mary Snow's Sewing Pocket...
30ct Parchment Linen and Gentle art threads ~

Sledding in Connecticut...
30ct 18th Century Blackbird from R&R
and Gentle Art Threads

I'm looking forward to starting the pocket

and Flea is almost finishing up
Christmas Adam & Christmas Eve ~
.... it is coming out AWESOME!!!!

Blessings from the Farm...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Folk Art Frames ~

Happy Monday! are some frames that I painted up yesterday ~

they are 8 x 10's & 5 x 7's ~

they are hand-combed, grungy & severely distressed,...

they have been carved & weathered to replicate
that primitive/colonial look we crave ~

stained & sealed with beeswax for a mellow glow... can see the ones I have available on my
they look wonderful holding your needlework, old photographs or notecards!

let me know what you think of them?
I'll be bringing some to the Summer in the Valley Show this weekend....

Speaking of the show, I have to get my butt in gear this week and pack for the show...
I still have things I need to stitch, paint & finish too ~

will any of you be at the show?
it will be a hot one this weekend for sure....
looking forward to the show, but not setting up in the heat~


Joan will be my right hand this weekend, Flea will be vacationing at the Beach...

Well I'm off to run errands ~
I'll show you the linen & threads for the
Sledding in Connecticut sampler this evening ~ !!

Blessings from the Farm...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming Soon ~

Hear Ye ~ Hear Ye!

on Saturday, September 17th 2011 ~
the same day as our
Annual Gathering of Primitive Friends Show
here at Notforgotten Farm...

we will also be holding our first
Needlework Trunk Show & Sale

in the shop....

I'm honored to say that our little shop will be decorated
with models from the following designers of counted threadwork
(cross stitch)

Homespun Elegance

Primitive Betty

Heartstrings Samplery

Cardan Antiques & Needlework
(and more!) will be able to see these beautiful works of heart up close,
and then purchase the charts & supplies needed to complete them!

I know I am excited to see the models myself!!

click on the links above to visit the designers blogs and say hello ~

Today is nice & cool again,
and I will finish up charting the
Sledding in Connecticut chart
then start stitching it....

I'll show you the threads & linen choices in my next post ~

Miss Flea is working on
Christmas Adam & Christmas Eve
as we speak...

BUT our kits have arrived from
Stacy Nash
for the class here in August and I want to stitch it up now!!!!

Hoping you have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday,
filled with all of your favorite things...

Blessings from the Farm...


Saturday, July 16, 2011

800th Post ~

In celebration of my 800th (WOW) post ~
here is a little design for you to stitch up!

"Remember Me"

just a little something in appreciation!!!

Have fun stitching, and I would LOVE to see your finishes
and share them here on the blog ~

In other news,
the shop will be CLOSED friday & saturday, July 22 & 23
in preparation of the
Summer in the Valley Show that I will be vending at

(see link on sidebar)

hopefully it won't be too hot!!!

Blessings from the Farm...


Friday, July 15, 2011

In Stitches !

Howdy Folks!
it is MUCH cooler here in VA this morning,...

I actually have the windows open!
AHHhhh fresh air!!!

yesterday was a road-trip day for me, Flea & Joan ~

our destination was to Alexandria, VA to a shop called
In Stitches

after a wonderful IHOP breakfast of crepes, eggs, bacon & sausage,
...courtesy of Miss Joan
(Thanks again sweet friend!)

we headed out..... was a L O N G ride,
with me driving, Joan riding shotgun
& Miss Flea in the backseat doing what she does best,
stitching, reading the map &.....napping.

we arrived at the shop
(after arguing with the little on-board "GPS Lady")
((OUR directions were much better))
to find a beautiful shop chock full of stitching needfuls!!
a forest of rounders, full of charts awaited us...
(and see? even the Men Folk love the shop,
He was in to purchase more beautiful wool
for his Needlepoint projects!!!
Real Men STITCH Too!!!)

on display was a LOVELY trunk show of the very talented Sandra's models
...Homespun Elegance
designs are so beautiful!!!!!

walls & cabinets held miles & miles of scrumptious threads from
Crescent Colours, Gentle Art & Weeks Dye Works...

and I was actually dizzy trying to decide which linen I loved best ~
this WALL of linen made my head spin!
(I'm suprised I wasn't thrown out for fondling it all)

but I did decide on the above...
and I have some wonderful ideas for them!!!

our ride home seemed to last forever,
but it's always a delight to be in the company of good friends ~
we got a little "punchy" on our trip back home though,
and that's when the laughter really starts...

I cherish moments made special by silly giggling girlfriends and non-sensical gibberish...
somehow good friends can always understand each other!

If you get a chance to visit
In Stitches
Needlework Shop,
I promise you will not be dissapointed!!

Blessings from the Farm...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Giveaway!

It's that time again Folks!
in appreciation of your kind words, support and friendship ~

and for just putting up with me in general...

I'll be holding a Giveaway for one of my
Harvest Pickin's Pinkeep Kits!!!

all you have to do
is leave me a comment on this post
...and you'll be in the running to win ~
((of course, if you'd like to blog about it or post it on your sidebar, that's ok too!!!))
the drawing will be held on Wednesday July 20th...
and I want to Thank you to all of you who have ordered this little kit!

Good Luck!

I pulled the GAST threads for the new
Christmas Adam & Christmas Eve design,
and it is now in the nimble hands of Felicia (otherwise known as Flea)...
she's stitching the model on 40 Natural Brown Linen from Wichelt.
She is probably thee fastest stitcher here in the south and I can't wait to see it....
I have a beautiful frame in mind for it too!

Speaking of frames,
I've been asked to offer my finished hand-painted frames ~ and will start offering them on my picturetrail website soon ~ these are pine frames that I purchase, but then I paint & severely distress them....if you follow my work, you've seen them on alot of my finished items, but I will have pictures of them for you soon ~

my sincere THANKS to those who have purchased the custom made frames for the Witches Garden Sampler and the Salem Village Sampler...I am so proud of Peter at how they turned out from his talented hands!!!

Another hot one in store for us here in VA today...

it is truly oppressive and makes me physically ill ~ so I am opting again to stay indoors...
I am SO wishing for FALL!
(can you tell?)

Hoping you all have a beautiful day, and stay cool & safe!!

Blessings from the Farm...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Please Pardon the Mess.....

Blogger is at it again....
won't let me change the background to what I want, and keeps making me sign-in...
well, can't complain much, it is FREE!!

in the meantime,
here is the finished little pinkeep that I'll be teaching at the Loudon County Sampler Guild:

"Harvest Pickin's"

it measures approx. 4.5" x 2.75"
on 28ct linen over two...

I don't have the stitch count yet
(Miss Bonnie! I will email you in a little while!!!)
because I still have to chart it...

I stitched it with all DMC threads ~ and filled it with crushed walnut shells.

I am selling a limited number of kits if you're interested ~
cost for the kit is $20.00 inc. shipping
and you get:

~28ct hand dyed (by me!) linen
~DMC threads
~coordinating reproduction Civil War era cotton fabric for backing
~reusable chart
~color photo

just give me an email to order

I think the heat is getting to everyone...
so I will be (again) laying low and stitching today
after the last of the new design orders are processed & shipped...

...the distributors orders have gone out,
so you should excpect the new designs to be in your local needlework shop soon!!!

I have been charting new designs for Christmas/Winter,
hoping they will help me cool off a bit!

here are their names:

"Christmas Adam & Christmas Eve"

"Mary Snow's Sewing Pocket"

stay cool my friends & please leave water out
...for our little wildlife friends

Blessings from the Farm...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cleaning House...

Hi Folks!
....not literally cleaning MY house today,
but cleaning up this blog a bit....

I have SO many favorite websites and blogs
that If I was to put all of them on here it would be three miles long!

So, I am opting to keep only current, active blogs on my sidebar from now on...
if your blog was removed, it isn't because i don't like you or your not my 'friend' anymore's simply because I want a less-cluttered look to this blog...
thanks for understanding!

I also changed the background and my header...
it's so much more easier to read now, I think...what do you think?

So here is my little wip ~
it doesn't have a name yet, but it will be for the Loudon County Sampler Guild class
that I'll be teaching in October...

a small, simple pinkeep being of Autumn design~
all I have to do is stitche the border and do the finish...I'll show pics later on this evening.
I will be offering kits for these, so if you'd like one, please let me know ~

for those that have asked for an "Iggy Update"
here he is:

he is growing into a handsome, long-tailed, spindly-legged thing!
he flies around the house, hiding and pouncing on anyone(thing) that crosses his path.
he is a bad boy. he is a good boy.
he is a little lover and a little fighter and has surely become King of this household!

(I thought the sepia toned pic of him was so pretty!)

it is SO hot here...our poor chickens are panting~

~ the katy-dids sound like they are too tired to chirp
...a s-l-o-w scratching noise they make lets you know that the day will be a hot one....

~the dogs have been under the house porch for days, only coming out for food
and a dip in the creek out back...

and I
have been here in the farmhouse,
putzing and stitching in the AC!!!

Hoping you all have a wonderful Summer day ~

(((eat more Ice Cream!!!!))))

Blessings from the Farm...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drum Major Camp at JMU

a beautiful day we had yesterday at James Madison University ~
Hannah worked her little tush off in the hot VA sun for 5 days...

there was Color Gaurd Camp, Drum Major Camp, Drumline Camp ~

and then the Intermediate Marching Band Camp members performed
WOW you would have thought these kids were professional!!!

Hannah is home now, sunburned & sore ~
but full of hope and excitement for her senior year in high school as the Drum Major for the
Marching Governors!!!!
SOOO proud of you honeygirl!!!!

Today I will be working on a project for the Loudon County VA Sampler Guild class that I'll be teaching on October 8th ~ I'll show pics of it when it's finished, it's a little hanging pinkeep
made to celebrate Harvest/Halloween :)

Hoping you all have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday!

& my thanks to those who have come out to see the changes in the shop!!

Blessings from the Farm...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New goodies arriving......

we received one of many boxes-to-come this morning...

FULL of charts from favorite designers!!!

take a lookie:

I'll be in the shop tomorrow, unpacking more boxes of new shop items,
and packing my new charts for those that have purchased them... thanks to those that have commented and purchased!!

Saturday we will be going back to JMU to pick up Hannah from Drum Major Camp,
and while we're there we'll get to see her perform for her first time!!

I'll bring my camera and take pics to share...

Although I won't be here, the shop will be open ~
Miss Felicia & Miss Joan will be holding down the fort for me....

Hoping the weather cools down a bit, but I don't think it will...
don't you wish there was a place on Earth that was Autumn-like all year long?

Warm days, Cool Crisp nights....

Blessings from the Farm...

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