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Thursday, May 27, 2010

a bird-brained idea....

This morning,
I took "Stinky", "the Penguin" and "Little Peep"
out to the barn for a visit with their older siblings...
(yeah, I know, their names...we'll not go into all that right now, k!?)

At first, 'everyone' was curious to see the Three Amigos...
stretching their little chicken-necks for a better,
...but still far-enough-away look.

was happy to see them,
and stood as tall as he could on his one little leg,
balancing and twirling joyfully, peeping at everybody...
until finally tired, resting in the corner...

Little Peep
(who is yellow and hidden under Stinky in the picture above)
her siblings one little bit..
nope...she promptly dashed under Stinky's wing,
where she can usually be found.
(He has become a surrogate "mama" for all the newbies)

The Penguin
who is standing closest to a resting Stinky (in pic above)
was completely bewildered by the excitement.
he just kind of stood there, dumbfounded...

"the Family" came closer,
that's when all chicken-hell broke loose!

The Family
must have decided that the Interlopers
would eat their food, and promptly began pecking at them,
in a complete frenzy of flapping and hollering
which now had the whole barnyard nuts!!

Little Peep knocked Stinky up-and-over in her mad-rush
to get the heck outta Dodge,
Stinky was squawking at the top of his tiny lungs~
and the Penguin,
still standing there frozen,
was bowled over by the now maniacal hysteria of a
small but powerful
Chicken Gang gone Mad.

I scooped them up,
shoved them in my bra
(not alot of room in there, folks)
and ran back to the farmhouse...
where I placed them, after many apologies,
and kisses on their little pecked-heads,
back into their safe, calm environment...

You can bet safely that these three will end up as
...House Chickens.
Peter will build a special coop for them,
but for now,
they will continue to live contendedly
in our laundry room/enclosed back porch...
sharing it, of course,
The Opossum Family
(update on them tomorrow!)
hoping your day is a calm and peaceful one,
with no rude interuptions, nice people and perhaps...
a little peck
from someone you hold Dear.
Blessings from the Farm,


  1. poor little guys...
    what an adventure they all had, huh?

    opossum family??? LOL! i can't wait to hear about them!

  2. sweetie, nobody tells a story quite like you...I am laughing so hard I can hardly breathe. Poor little guys still need a safe haven it would seem, so glad to hear stinky is doing so well :)Wish we were neighbors, I'd love to see your brood, we could have some good times just like Lucy and Ethel!

  3. Lori you make my day! Your stories are like a novel and when the story ends ,I'm not ready for it to end!!!! My daughter lives on a 20acre farm that backs up to the Brazos river in Texas! They raise cattle and they have chickens-ducks-goats-dogs-cats-and may two sweet grandchildren!It's hard work but it is like living in paradise to me! Thanks for being here for all of us with your stories talent and love for human nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS CATHY SMITH

  4. What an adventure!! I so see a sampler with these three as the main subject - perhaps a possum or two thrown in, add some fanciful birds, a donkey and more!

  5. There's NEVER a dull moment at Notforgotten Farm!! If you'd draw me up a pattern of all the critters, I'd hook it for you!

  6. Hahaha that is quite a story. Glad you were close enough to scoop them up before the pecking frenzy progressed!
    I have developed quite an attachment to Stinky, so I'm happy for an update! He/she(?) is special!

  7. You know Lori,

    You just make me smile! . . . . Every time I read one of your stories my day is made better . . even when it was already good!
    I too have a soft heart for injured or lonely animals. You are an amazing gift to all creatures!

    As for your farmhouse . . . . a little lipstick doesn't hurt anyone! :-)

    Lori Ann

  8. Sounds like a very interesting day. Glad to hear all of my "step children" are o.k. after all they went through. You changed her color again! Will look great.
    xxoo (millstonemercantile)


  10. Oh I love their little names..and glad that they have a mama like you to protect and take care of them...I love reading your storys..:O) can't wait to hear about the possums..:)

  11. Quelle chance ils ont d'avoir une "maman" humaine qui prend soin d'eux.Bravo

  12. Oh it is too good-looking I am a fan! Best regards mary

  13. awww poor little chickies! Glad they are ok now. First time to your blog and I love it!



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