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Friday, April 30, 2010

Stitching in the Garden of Weedin'....

Good morning Friends!
tis a beautiful day here in VA!!!!

my morning has already been occupied by checking on baby chicks,
(two more were hatched this morning)
and weeding the gardens,....
here are some of my pansies;

and my little strawberry patch~
i already have several dozen green berries!!
(now, only if I can get to them once they ripen before the critters do!)

here is one of Peter's Hops vine's...
he has two and both are doing well ~
don't think he'll be brewing any beer anytinme soon though!

...and here is the Wisteria vine that my sister Jo gave me before she passed~
she started it from a pod and it has become full & healthy...
it will remain here with me forever in her memory...
 Now that the sun is out really strong, I'll take a break ~
i see a Muenster cheese & tomato sandwich in my future,
...along with some stitching on the front porch.

I'll return to the barn, gather more hatch-lings and head back out to the gardens this aft...

~::~a PERFECT day!~::~

hoping your day is spent doing what you absolutely love ~
Blessings from the Farm,


  1. It WAS such a lovely day! I finished mulching my new peony garden and got some stuff to get my veggie garden started.
    Love the pics of your garden. It's such an exciting time of year. We're watching wren, bluejay and mocking bird nests.

  2. Lori,that is so touching...I have a pod recently given me by my sister who is battling lung 3 sisters mean the world to me and can't bear losing the two who have cancer. I am very sentimental also ...
    GailinVA who loves those pansies. too:)


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