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Thursday, April 1, 2010

{ ready? set.....STITCH!! }

I have my needle & thread,
my hoop & linen,
my scissors & beeswax...
and you can see a tease of my
"A Plump Wife"
peeking out from under that linen
(which is 32ct. Parchment, by-the-by...)

I'm stitching it one-thread-over-two and am liking it thusfar!!

see the little scissors-fob below?
it was a gift from a very sweet & talented Lady
at the rug show last weekend...
She made a bunch of them for the vendors to choose from,
& I chose this adorable,

see how her bottom half is joined by a tiny brass ring?
she swings & sways & entertains...
WAY too much fun!!

My Thanks to all of your comments on our beautiful Peacock...
and for your awesome name suggestions!!

We have decided to name him
"Indigo Blue"
and nickname him 'Indie' for short....
(Thanks to my sister, Louisea for the name suggestion!)
he makes the strangest sounds!
one sound he makes reminds Peter of a Clown...
it sounds like Indie has a big rubber-bulbed honking horn!!!

Lazy is nuts for him, trying to get as close as he can to him, but Buddy, Big Boy is scared to death of him! HA!!!
(when Indie 'honks', Buddy dives under the front porch...
....Ah, my Hero.)

Another *SPARKLING* day ahead...
temps will be in the low 80's...
sunshine, warm breeze...
outdoor-stitching weather, don't you think?

Hoping your day is a peacefully creative one...
Happy April Everyone!

Blessings from the Farm,

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