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Sunday, March 14, 2010

{ a MAGICAL night!!! }

(Hannah playing first flute !!! ~ Saturday March 13, 2010)

(me playing flute in the late 1980's)
does my little girl look like me???

What a wonderful time we had at
"Peter Pan"

the kids do such a great job on this play...
they work SO hard & it really shows!

They are always so professional, and I think many of them should go on to
continue in Theatre!!!!

I know we are VERY proud of our daughter...
aside from having been practicing long hours for MONTHS for this,
she has managed to keep GREAT grades,
and still be in a pretty-good mood for a teenager!

We love you will always be our First Flutist!!!
Blessings from the Farm,


  1. Hannah does look like her pretty Momma! :) You must be proud & good reason too.



  2. Music runs in the family, I see.

    Glad it was a great success.

  3. WOOW. Like two drops of water... Congratulations for her great night!

  4. I can see why you are so proud of Hannah. And yes, you do look alike! Loved seeing the pics of Hannah and you playing your flutes!

  5. Definitely a proud mama! Love the pictures of the both of you!

  6. Congratulations to Hannah! I played the flute, too, but I hated to practice. Wish I had, now!

  7. Our children always make us proud . . don't they. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am so glad the play was a success and that Hannah did such a wonderful job. She is such a sweatheart. See you soon

  9. Wow....what a great experience!
    I wanted to ask you if you ever use hornbooks to mount your punch needle? I remember someone showing some off a blog.....but of course I don't remember who! So I am hoping you will share anything you know! Thanks, Beth

  10. We saw Hannah and told her how beautifully she played. The play was terrific!! You and Peter have a right to be so proud. As soon as Steve saw her tonight he said, "She looks just like Lori!"

  11. Hi Lori~ yes, like mOther, like daughter! Do you still play? You all could have fun with a duet! i used to play flute when I was younger, then switched to the oboe, I miss playing and have been thinking about starting up again, reading & playing music opens ones mind like nothing else
    xoxoxo rachael

  12. Yes you two do look alike! What good genes you have. And what a beautiful daughter.

    Congratulations to her on first chair!

    Happy Day!

  13. Lori, I don't know where I was when you must have mentioned playing flute. Ah, another thing we have in common. I played flute in HS and was second chair but made first chair, all city band, on piccolo! And in a city the size of Omaha, there were a lot of players competing for those slots!

    Congrats to Hannah! First chair is a great accomplishment.

  14. Yes Lori, she looks like you~beautiful! We could start our own little band of bloggers! I played the flute too. Though a LONG time ago~I graduated in 1978!!! I still have it in a drawer in the living room. I think I'll get it out today and see if I can still make a sound on it.

  15. Congratz...and yes, Hannah looks like you:) with dark hair...
    I love the new format and all the new patterns are awesome...I visited a few other sites tonight...your artistry is makes your designs much more fun:)
    I hope I finally got google fixed and can post here again.

  16. omgosh, now it signs me as just Gail...I am GailinVirginia...I am so confused;(

  17. sorry for the confusion...finally, it is fixed;) ~Gail


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