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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{ What's New? }

{my sometimes-silent partner, Suzy}

Hi Friends & Folk!

....it is another cold, windblown & snow-y day here in VA...

Hannah is home yet again and we are cozily creating here in the farmhouse studio...

As you can see, I changed my blog colors again!
{I'm never satisfied to 'keep' one color...there are just too many pretty colors out there!!}

I've changed it up, added some things and deleted some things too...
I'll also be updating my 'favorite blogs'...so look for some new ones!!

I'm going to try something different here on this blog, too...
if you look on my sidebar, on the upper right,
you will see a "page" list,
and under that is a link to a page
where I will begin selling my finished folk art...

if it works, I will use that page monthly
to showcase some works that I wish to offer
to my customers/collectors directly...

this way, no fees are incurred
such as on an auction or other 'selling' site...

{I'm hoping to update the page after this saturday's show,
so please watch for that...}

For those of you that have emailed me and have asked,
"What's with all this BEAR stuff?
where's your cross stitch & needlepunch stuff???

WHY aren't you talking about that????"

well, please let me explain...
I began creating bears back in the 1990's.
I designed my own patterns, and my Mom would help me sew them up.

together, Mom & I would do local Bear Shows in CT....
we had a blast & loved being together!
{still do...LOVE YOU MOM !}

when Hannah was born I kind of stopped making my bears
to focus more on the pattern designing for my needlework designs...
I was fortunate {again, still am!}
to have been picked up by great distributors
and the rest they say, is history....

in the last few years,
I would make a bear & offer it on ebay or etsy,
and developed a following for them
{Thank you very much dear friends!}
I love the idea of creating something that smiles back at you...

and have, lately,
shifted my attention to again selling

finished mohair bears & critters.

I was just accepted into the group:
"Guild of Master Bear Makers"
{badge/link on my sidebar}
and am SOOOO excited to be in the company
of some of the world's most talented bear makers & artists.

So there you have it...
I guess I've come full-circle.

I will always continue to design & offer you my needlework patterns,
but I will now tickle my own fancy by doing something I truly, truly love...
something that delights my soul & warms my heart!!!

I will be celebrating a birthday on the last day of this month,
and the best gift I could ever give myself is to follow my own dreams ~

don't get me wrong now, I still dabble in just about every craft known to woman-kind!!
but for now, I will follow my muse....
who knows where it might take me??

Wishing you all the fulfillment of your own Dreams ~

Blessed be!



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

That CHAIR by the sewing machine...and that trunk in the background...swoon.....

your bears are cute..i tried making one once...it's not easy...
i failed at it...sent for a kit and couldn't even put it together...

have you seen Jen Murphy's bears and other fun stuff ( as she calls it) darling.....darling...darling...

enjoyed my visit today


Marjorie said...

Hi Lori,

I'm not much of a bear person either, but I just had to say I love your new header--I NEED a sewing machine like that!

Lori said...

Kary & Marjorie ~
thanks for your comments!
That is my beautiful 1921 PFAFF treadle-machine that I sew on...I prefer it to my electric Brother machine, plus, I can sew if the power goes out!

The chair is a painted comb-back windsor, it is signed on the bottom:
"Jacob Stauffer,
coller {color} Black,
Design No. 18" I found it in our local DUMPSTER!
The chest is an antique cedar chest that holds my families photo's...i painted the design on the front!
Blessed be!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lori ~
Create whatever makes you the happiest and continue to share with us...please!
I found your new background a bit hard on the eyes. Perhaps if the print was larger....but I do have old eyes and they "ain't what they used to be"!
Pug hugs :)

basketsnprims said...

Love the new header, Lori. Follow your dream, we live but a moment.

Lori Ann C. said...

Hi Lori,

Welcome back to "Bear (and bunny) land" ! I'm sure the mohair was calling you! Mine talks to me in my sleep!
May you enjoy the second go 'round as much as the first!
And, yes . . you CAN do it all, Just not in the same day!

Lori Ann

Rondell said...

That cat lookin like he be saving up he energy for Halloween day. I bet he be pulling some of them no good tricks again this year! Kitty cat: you so crazy!

Diva Kreszl said...

I simply love your new banner, my mom had that same machine and I can still imagine the sound the treadle would make as she pedaled away! I love the bears and the stitchery, as I often change my craft based on where my heart leads I so understand...follow your heart dear one!

Sheila said...

Hi Lori,
Love your machine and your bears, I am not a bear fan; however, ALL your stuff is great. You are so talented! You gave me advice years ago , and I try to follow it...so glad you can follow your dream.
Just keep creating,

April Mechelle said...

Just keep creating what makes you happy !! I love all your designs!! Even if I don't make bears, hook rugs, or other things, I love looking at your creations!
Thanks for creating designs of all kinds!

Susan said...

If bears and critters makes you happy - then do it!
Will miss the designs but I am patient so I'll wait.
Happy Days!

Myriam said...

So lovely Suzy!

janeu729 said...

Your creations are always an inspiration!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Such talent you have! You are Blessed beyond measure. So happy you share them with us!

Robin said...

Lori...design with your heart and soul for it is within these two that you find true happiness and peace. I love everything you do and am blessed that I have you for a teacher. Love ya!!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

How silly of someone to try to capture your free spirit, and it is yours after all! I am always intrigued to see what has caught your fancy for the moment.

Congratulations on your Master Bear Makers badge! But, seriously, you were already one of them...but understand you mean the interactions of folks who love what you do. They are blessed by your entry.

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