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Saturday, February 27, 2010

{ out my window...revisited }

getting up this morning, I heard a racket going on outside in the farmyard...

our flock of Guinea Hen's were alerting us to something
(or someone?) foreign...

so I looked outside to see what the commotion was about,
and saw that we were being visited by the
Harbingors of Spring...
a small band of Robins....

hoping the view out your window is a beautiful one ~ matter what the weather.

Blessings from the farm,


  1. We have had several flocks of Robins stopping by to rest - one day there must have been about 100 of them on my neighbor's and my lawns. Couldn't get the camera fast enough!!

    My tulips and daffodils are already starting to poke up and my cherry blossom trees are starting to bud out!!

    Spring is almost here!!! hopefully.

  2. We've had some large flocks go thru' here, too. They stripped the blue cedar berries clean! The grackles are here, too and they are always a sign of spring. Now when the juncos leave, we'll be in the clear!

  3. It's been sort of odd here - all the snow and blowing winds and the robins still arrived last week! Poor things seem a little confused!

  4. 6:18am and I woke up to about 20 to 30 crows raising all kinds of heck in our backyard. Flying around, settling, then flying again and cawing the whole time...couldn't find what it was that had them in such a tizzy. Guess it's a good thing that they are one of my favorite
    Ravens Gate Primitives


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