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Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ Fuzzy Slippers & Mint Tea }

Ain't she sweet?

Fuzzy Slippers and Mint tea...
...they go together well, don't you think?
well I do.
Mint Tea helps calm my nerves before a show...
and tomorrow is set up.

and the "fuzzy" slippers aren't exactly intentional,
it just sorta kinda happens when you're working with mohair,
and distressing bears & such...

Speaking of Bears,
up there is a sneak peak of my lastest girl,
I haven't named her yet, but she is quite beguiling....
she's another 16" bear, from my own pattern...
she has reproduction Civil War-era foot pads and is 5X jointed with bolts & washers...
stuffed with old clean rags for a nice vintage feel...
Lavender-colored German blown-glass eyes, too...
her little dress is an antique, made long ago by someone who cared...
it is made from old feedsack fabric, with sweet little white milk-glass is torn and tattered, but that's what makes it endearing, don't you think?

She is my favorite so far...
and will be accompanying me tomorrow for set-up...
any suggestions for names?

I'll take pics of set-up tomorrow,
...then I probably won't be here to post again until Sunday...
sooooo....wish me luck!
Blessings from the Farm,


  1. She is adorable . . I thought her name was "Fuzzy Slippers", she too cute. She's a sure seller at your show this weekend.

  2. Thanks Sandy!!!
    Fuzzy Slippers would be a good name for her!
    right now I'm so stressed, I want to WEAr my fuzzy slippers to the show!!!
    Blessings from the Farm,

  3. Oh, Lori!!..She is beautiful!!!...I love bears!...You're so talented!..Thank you so much for leaving your kind comment on my blog about my new pattern...It meant alot to hear from you!!..Have a fun weekend!!..It is nice to know that even an artist as good as you are gets nervous before a show also...Drink lots of tea!!~~hugs,Jen

  4. Lori, She is adorable! Let us know her name when she has one. I'm looking past the fuzzy slippers to the basket in the background, beautiful. ~Ann

  5. I am with Linda B - Clementine !! Or Clemie for short. She is so cute !!!

  6. I love the pink...what about Hope? or Beatrice? See you tomorrow.
    Sleep tight

  7. She's adorable! How about Darlin' because she is...darling. Or Precious because she is....precious.


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